It's always fun to connect with someone new online and this week I had the pleasure of connecting with a very successful marketer named Boris (cool name don't you think).

I saw that he had a YouTube course coming out this week and I wanted to check it out for myself to see what it was REALLY like before the buzz and fanfare of his launch.

Now, just in the way of background, I have bought so many video courses this year that I wouldn't be able to count them on two hands. I am buying one practically every week, or so it seems :O).

So, to be honest, I wasn't expecting anything much from his course called Youtube Annihilation.

It was kinda like, yeah, okay, let's suss this out and see if I learn anything I haven't seen before.

So....did I learn anything?

You betcha I did.

I'm going to tell you ALLLLLL about it :O)

But first, why should YOU or any of us listen to Boris?

Well, let's look at some stats for a moment.

  • On average he converts 1 in 10 visitors to his Youtube visitors into a SALE!
  • The videos he creates convert better than all his competitors

They are crazy stats there.

Imagine if just one of your videos was getting 100s of views a day -- that's a lot of sales, I'll tell you that.

But that's not all.

  • The videos that he produce convert 942.5 percent better than anyone else promoting the same product.

Here's the proof:

So I think that's impressive enough to be worth a look, don't you? :O)

Okay, so let's talk about Youtube Annihilation...

Now there are FIVE video modules specific to the Youtube Annihilation system and THREE bonus videos that are EQUALLY as good.

Now it works pretty much as a case study. You'll see the niche that Boris jumps into, the videos that he made for it and the $360.00 he made in the first 7 days just while doing this case study.

It's a fantastic and popular niche he's in, chances are you've heard of it, and it's very generous of Boris to provide all the info he does in the course.

Module 1

This is all about you offer and the two ways of doing Youtube Annihilation.

This won't take long at all, and with my bonuses, your research time could be cut down to practically nothing :O).

Module 2 - it's called Keyword Stealing

I really loved this video. I loved it SO much that I created a video before I'd even finished watching video 2 :O).

This is the real sweet stuff....this is why his conversions are so high compared to other marketers...and why he's getting 1 in 10 visitors making a purchase via his link.

Wanna know how? Well, I can't tell you much more but it will make your marketing SO much easier....

Module 3 - Video Silo Setup

This is kind of like a website silo but it's your video marketing silo.

NOBODY is doing this with video and you will be one of the FIRST people to find out about this and be able to put it into action fast (again, my bonus will help you with outsourcing this if you don't want to do this bit but truthfully, it's pretty easy, or you could get someone else to do it for $5. A no brainer really).

Module 4 - Video Creation

This is all about a cheat method for split testing which videos work better than others. You won't even have to create any yourself if you don't want to.

Now this isn't my favourite part of the video. My favourite part is his "dirty little secret" for getting 400 to 500 more clickthroughs on each video you make.

In my notes I'll show you the link to his video plus also a link to a fiverr gig that you may want to use when you are using module 4.

Now I also love what he reveals he puts in every description box right at the very top with all the videos he's done for this niche. No it's not his website link...but this paragraph has seen his conversion rate go through the roof. You'll want to implement it right away also :O).

Module 5 is all about conversion tracking.

This is where he reveals his earnings for the 7 days and how he uses a free plugin to track his conversions. You could get an advanced tracking software but there's no need so why would you?

Now we're up to the first of the bonus videos and I REALLY love these!!

Boris calls it creating ads in organic search and this is a really great technique and I've not seen it used anywhere else.

Once again, this one little thing that he does gives him insane clickthrough rates.

It truly is like having free ads without any pay per click costs :O).

His second bonus video has a unique title - look like an angel to viewers LOL.

This is a very unique technique and definitely not one I'd thought of.

His third and final video is called First Page Takeover and I can see why. Using this technique he has held spots 1 to 7 on Youtube. That's practically the entire first page.

That's it. It doesn't sound very in depth or difficult, does it? Because quite plainly it's not. It's not meant to be.  Click here to get started...

What YTA does is combine ADVANCED underground ppc tactics with loopholes left open by
both Google AND Youtube...

...and then puts all of that into proven Fortune 500 company video marketing formulas,
which create videos tailor made for not only your EXACT customers, but Youtube and
Google as well.

All the heavy lifting and guess work has officially been taken out.

1. Make a video silo

2. Make sales.

That's it.

If you want to make your video marketing harder...more expensive, more time consuming, harder to rank for....harder to convert, then by all means DON'T get Youtube Annihilation today...

...But if you want a practically guaranteed way to make sales from every video you put
on Youtube then Youtube Annihilation is for you.

Due to the real ingenuity in this course I give it 4.8 stars out of 5. There were a few gaps but my bonuses have filled those in for you, making it even easier for you to get started today....

So don't delay....check out your gift from me today when you download Youtube Annihilation!


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In Depth Notes Of Youtube Annihilation Videos

That's right.  I've been hard at work at it again.  I've spent a couple hours going through the Youtube Annihilation videos in depth and taking detailed notes of them so that you can dive right in without even watching them.  The videos are FANTASTIC but this will help you get the edge over other buyers :O)  Why spend time watching them before you get started when you don't have to :O)

Youtube Annihilation Quick Start Guide

Yep, that's me, still at it LOL.  I thought you would really benefit from a Quick Start Guide so I've created one so you can read through it quickly and see what you need to do to get off the ground.  It also contains some helpful links to resources that you can use to make it as "hands free" as possible. :O)

My Video Outsourcing Rolodex

Gee, I really must have some free time LOL.  Yes, still me, hard at work putting together a complete outsourcing rolodex for you.  Inside this rolodex you'll find tons of gigs on fiverr for the most important video tasks.  Only gigs that have had a lot of reviews, a high rating and a lot of buyers make it to their list.  This can seriously cut any of your video tasks to practically zero (and that includes making your videos the way Boris does in his Youtube Annihilation system).  Save it to you PC and keep it safe on your computer for whenever you need it (Or just have a flick through and be amazed at the incredible things that you can buy for just $5.)

My Hot Health Offers Rolodex

I've gone through one of the best health networks on the internet that isn't a cpa network (that means no approval necessary) and put together a list of THE best health offers available that you can start promoting today for FANTASTIC commissions!

CPA Approval Network Cheat Sheet

If you have never applied to promote CPA offers before it can be a bit tricky.  This cheat sheet will help you get the best chance of getting approved the first time - with or without a website :O)  Plus, I'll also give you a list of CPA networks that you'll be instantly approved for -- yay!

81 Cheap Paid Traffic Sources

You can use this now or keep it on your pc for when you want it in the future but this list of 81 cheap paid traffic sources will bring you a flood of traffic for a fraction of the price :O)

On Page Video Optimization Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet will tell you all the do's and don'ts when it comes to on page video optimization to skyrocket your videos to the top of Google AND Youtube (don't forget it's the second biggest search engine in the world)

Video Description Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet reveals the best tricks for your video descriptions.  This is one of the most important part of your video -- and so many people get it wrong....Not you though, when you get your hands on this :O)

Viral Video Launch Formula

Would you like to blitz launch videos to the top of page one in just hours?  Well, now you can :O)


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