WP Sliderzon – Video Review & Best Bonus

WP Sliderzon – Video Review & Best Bonus

Now one of the best ways to boost your Amazon click through rate and your conversions is by doing something very, very simple. It’s
making sure you have a lot of large images on your amazon blogs with clickable images.

Conrad Stuart calls these images, funnily enough, “click magnets’. LOL…Pretty Cool.

That is one reason why my WordPress Review Theme is so popular -the beautiful slider images you can display easily on your home

Eleanor and Rylan, very successfuly Amazon marketers, have been consistently getting very high conversion rates for the products
that they promote on Amazon.

I’ve done a 12 minute video as I explain how they do it.

Click on the play button to view my video or continue reading my email.

[flowplayer src=’http://colleenslater.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/wp-sliderzon-review.mp4′ width=540 height=380 redirect=’http://www.warriorplus.com/linkwso/mq2fgv/842′]

With the release of Wp Sliderzon you can now easily add high converting Amazon product slides throughout every Amazon blog you
own.  The creators of this plugin are consistently getting super high conversions and clickthroughs from their Amazon review sites with slides like these – as much as 30 percent or more.

When you watch the video above you’ll see my comprehensive review of the plugin plus the complete sales funnel as i buy it live.

As a special bonus for you when you download Wp Sliderzon today you’ll get some fantastic amazon research from me.

I’ve just completed research into 15 hot niche on Amazon and have found 5 produts per niche that cost over $100, have a minimum of 5
reviews and great ratings to boot.

To grab my research into 75 amazon products priced over $100 with good ratings and a minimum of 5 reviews follow the instructions

Step 1: Click on this link to download the plugin package today:

Step 2: Go to colleenshelpdesk.com and paste in your receipt and put WP SLIDERZON BONUS in the subject line.  Look out for my reply
with your bonus.


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