You're probably aware that Amazon is one of THE most reliable, newbie friendly ways to make affiliate commissions online....

After all, it's hugely successful, trusted the entire world over and getting bigger all the time.

But you NEED consistent traffic to start making consistent commissions....and let's face it, seo can be tough going these days with brand new wp websites.

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Long time Amazon super affiliate Chris Sorrell hit affiliate paydirt and took his traffic to new heights recently WITHOUT using new wordpress sites or needing to buy expensive software or services...

In fact, using his Video Ranker Revolution methods he has managed to get FOUR videos on page 1 of Google in just 3 hours.

And his Google related traffic to his Youtube videos is into the 1000s for seriously commercial keywords!

What's covered is EVERYTHING required in order to successfully set up, research, build, scale and ultimately earn commissions from videos....promoting the millions of available products from the likes of:

  • Clickbank
  • CPA Networks
  • Amazon

But ultimately if you can get targeted traffic, you can promote ANYTHING with confidence and scale your efforts relatively quickly.

And that's what this is all about.

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The fact is if you know some insider tactics on ranking Youtube videos these days you'll be all over the top spots on Google and Youtube in no time at all.

Plus while you can use Video Ranker Revolution for any niche or affiliate network, it works particularly well with Amazon because of the millions of long tail product and niche keywords to go after.

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I've gone through Video Ranker Revolution in detail and to be honest I wasn't thinking of recommending it but when I read the 58 page pdf I knew I had to.  It is really THAT good.

In Niche Evaluation I loved how he actually took us through the Amazon marketplace and gave us his criteria for products to promote.

He even gives his sales and click hooks to put on our Amazon sites to drive even more sales.

He then takes us to the Clickbank Marketplace and shows us via screenshots how to filter for the best products to promote there.

He then takes us to Offervault CPA Network and shows us how to search for offers related to our video campaign and niche keywords (and also shares his favourite CPA networks).

He then does the same with the JvZoo Affiliate Marketplace.

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Now he also deals with checking for competition and you don't need any software to do that, it's all done for free, and you could outsource the task on places like Fiverr if you really wanted to :O).

Then it's video creation and you can use free software like Jing once again to create these short and to the point videos. If you use Animoto for free Chris also tells you which is his favourite piece of music to use with it that's also free :O).
Just follow Chris instructions of the THREE simple things that you need in your video and you're done.  Should take no time at all.

Chris then goes into the best layout for your videos....there are FOUR key elements that must be in every video to maximize your success.

Chris even GIVES you the right order of these

First show...

Then some...

Then a ....

Then another....

Then another...

Finally a call to action

It COULDN'T be simpler!

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Wondering what text to write in your videos?  Wonder no more as Chris actually GIVES you the script that he usually uses that you can edit or adapt as per the product that you are promoting.

Is this guy generous or what???

Hint:  You could edit this script and hand it over to video creators on Fiver without having to pay for any video scripts :).

Truly I'm only about halfway through the guide, I could go ON and ON but I'd rather recommend you just grab it right away.  I've created a summary for you and also a checklist so you can get started quicker than anyone else.

Oh, it's on a fast moving dimesale and a limited time special offer launch price for just FIVE days.

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PS:  Chris is also throwing in a great niche pack for fast action takers as well so don't sit on the fence with this one :O)

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