Two Days Ago My Pet Cockatiel Flew Away

Needless to say the past couple of days i’ve not been productive at all and a blubbering mess.

I thought I would write an Ode to my beautiful baby cockatiel named Trixie.

Having lost both my parents six months apart when I was 24, the hardest thing about losing someone because they have passed or just leave is when you don’t get to say goodbye.

You sit there and think if I’d have known I would have done this or said this…..

I wasn’t home on Monday when she flew away.  She was hanging out with my husband and totally unlike her she flew out the small space to do so at the backdoor.

Unfortunately she didn’t fly to any nearby trees so that we could get her, she just flew as far as my husband could see.

No-one had ever seen me cry like that at home before.  I just sat on our back balcony in the pitch black and just sobbed.

My little daughter came out yelling “trixie, mummy’s home, you can come home now” god bless her.

Sometimes you dont really appreciate how much something means to you until they’re gone.

My husband got her for me as a christmas present, i grew up with birds, budgies, as I lived in a unit as a child.

I didn’t get to say goodbye Trixie so I’m going to write a message here with tears streaming down my face hoping that somehow you feel it — though it’s winter here now and chances are she won’t make it on her own in the wild (after reading extensively on the internet).

To my beautiful bird Trixie.

In the last few months since you came to our home you have made me so happy and actually made me feel really loved.

I loved the way when i had a cup of tea on my desk you would sit there and eat the tea bag.

I loved the way how when I was using the mouse you would bend over so that your head could touch my fingers and have a cuddle.

I loved the way how you used to sit on my shoulder and then nuzzle up to my cheek and have a cuddle.

I loved the way when I’d walk in the door you’d hear my voice and just come fly on top of my head.

I loved the way you used to love eating popcorn with me watching tv.

My office isn’t the same without you.  Theres a big space where your cage used to be, which is now out the back just in case you should find your way home.

I admire your adventurous spirit and I really really love you and I just hope that you’re okay.

Please know how much I love you and how happy you made me my feathered friend and I won’t ever forget you…….

Love Mum x

52 comments to Two Days Ago My Pet Cockatiel Flew Away

  • Darryl Brashier

    Losing our little friends is just as hard as losing any other part of our family. I wish you the best, and hope for Trixie’s return.

    • Colleen

      @Darryl Brashier,

      Dear Darryl many thanks

      unfortunately there’s a lot of bush where we live so she could be anywhere.

      I will keep you posted if i have good news.

      Love Colleen

  • hagar

    furkids, featherkids, whatever… they all become a part of our lives, and grant us that rarest of gifts… unconditional love. No harm in missing them, no foul in wishing their lives were as long as ours.
    Sounds like she was a spark of sun in your day – regardless of the weather – and she would be pleased to know you thought that.
    My prayers for you and your family, in your time of sadness

  • Linda A

    Colleen, I’m am so sorry for your loss. Being an animal lover, I know how much it hurts to lose a pet. All the best in finding your Trixie.

  • Your story brings a tear to my eye. Isn’t it amazing how much of a difference a pet can change our lives. Like children, our pets are gifts for the great one above.

    I hope your bird finds a safe haven and returns home.


  • Don (edson)

    You have my deepest sympathy on your loss of your Trixie. (my first dog was named Trixie and I lost her when I was very young – run over by a car). Let us all hope that somehow she will survive the winter and maybe even return to her loving home and Mom. I will say a prayer for you and Trixie and may God return her to you soon.

    Love you too,

  • Eva

    Dear Colleen – so sorry to read that your dear Trixie has flown away. She may return home. My stepmother always had a little bird – a budgie – & they were always called ‘Joey’. One of her Joeys flew away, but returned a week later, a little worse for wear but reasonably healthy. Another of her Joeys flew away a few years later never to return, and my stepmother was inconsolable for a long while. But when she finally accepted that Joey wasnt coming home she got another little bird, yes another Joey, and it went a long way to making things better for her.

  • Ray


    So sorry to read about your beloved Trixie. But let’s hope that she will not only survive, she will return to you safely and soon.

    God bless you …


  • Michael Wiechert

    I´m truly sorry for your loss.
    Hopefully you will find Trixie, miracles do happen, don´t lose faith.
    All the best,

    • Colleen

      @Michael Wiechert,

      Dear Michael I’ve just been putting flyers up in the area, unfortunately we have so much bush here. It’s day 3, i’ll keep praying.

      Love Colleen

  • I have high hopes that she will be found by others who will love her as much as you do, unless she finds her way home, which would be the very best. I understand the pain of your loss, too. I lost my beloved cat Sarah while growing up and we never knew what happened to her — it is awful not knowing. IF she crosses the Rainbow Bridge, at least you can know you loved her to the utmost and gave her a wonderful life while she was with you! ~ Laurie

  • Wendy Owen

    Dear Colleen

    Cockatiels are tough little Aussies and her chances of survival are very good. Even if she doesn’t return she will probably be OK.

    We keep a lot of birds in our aviaries out the back and often have escapees come down to feed on the seed. I’ll keep a look out for her because we’re not that far from you (Greenbank)
    What colour is she?

    All the best

    • Colleen

      @Wendy Owen,

      Dear Wendy, you give me some hope.

      there are actually a few aviaries around here, i’ve done a letterbox drop.

      Hmmm, greenbank i’m in sydney, not sure where greenbank is…..

      she’s grey with bright orange cheeks.

      Love Colleen

  • Gypsy

    Dear Colleen,
    Sorry to hear about Trixie. Judy told me about it a few minutes ago. I know the lost of a beloved pet can be very hold on people. Our pets become a member of the family. To us they’re not just a pet.

    Her to hoping Trixie finds her way home,

  • Shay

    So sorry to hear of your loss.

    *hugs* I hope she finds her way home soon.

  • OH NO!!!
    I am so, so, sorry, Colleen.
    My heart goes out to you.

  • Colleen


    Dear Cathy

    thanks hon. much appreciated.

    Love Colleen

  • Joyce

    That’s very sad Colleen.

    One day, we had a tame Rainbow Lorokeet land in a tree, and came down on to my husband’s arm. We put out notices so that people knew, but no one admitted to owning him.

    We had him for 6 months, and then one day received a phone call. A friend of the owner of the lorokeet had seen the old notice in the pet shop that the pet shop owner had just left in the window.

    He came round, and said that it was his pet, and then proceeded to tell us the particular amusing antics and habits the lorokeet got up to. We knew then that this was the owner.

    Personally, I was pleased to see him go back to his original home, as he loved my husband, but he hated me for some reason, no matter how kind and loving I was to him. Whenever he got the opportunity, he would have a go at me, and his beak was pretty mean. My husband never understood how much he hurt until one day, he tried to defend me from being bitten, and Rambo (his name), hung onto his finger for dear life. Then my husband appreciated what he had been doing to me.

    I hope so much that you have a similar experience, that she somehow either finds her way home to you, or she finds someone nice to look after her. The birds I’ve looked after have been delightful (except for Rambo). They have such delightful characters.

  • Colleen

    @Kathy Filia,

    Thanks sweetheart.

    fingers crossed.

    Love Colleen

  • NJ Paust


    I love your heart Colleen & understand your feeling of loss. Our animal friends enrich us and remind us of how precious the moments are, and how to be tender w/unconditional love.

    Godspeed to you & Trixie, where-ever she may be….

  • Joyce

    I’m pleased that my comment brought a smile to your face.

    If you don’t mind me saying so, if Trixie doesn’t turn up again, please remember there is another bird out there, that would very much like to have a home at your place.

  • SamanthaS

    Hi Colleen, unfortunately I know how you feel.
    A year ago we got a couple of rabbits for the kids and sadly one of them died unexpectedly at the weekend, I had to bury him in the garden etc which was really upsetting for all. But as you say maybe I should have seen something and could have done something but I didn’t, granted I’m not a vet and no rabbit expert. I think I’m more gutted than the kids now and I’m the one who has to put the other rabbit away every night, probably so stupid I know but I now also feel sorry for the other rabbit….

    I might sound mad but I now how you feel.


  • Veronica

    Hi Colleen,
    My heart goes out to you Colleen! It is a sad time.
    Recently my pet galah (27 years old) managed to undo the clip on his cage door and escaped! When I came home from work and discovered him missing I was beside myself! For days I walked around the nearby streets listening for his chattering. (He’s a prolific talker)Eventually I decided to put a lost notice in the local newspaper. A lady phoned me a few hours after the paper went on sale and said “I think I might have your cocky!” He hadn’t got far…just a house in the street behind us. So “Cocky Boy” was brought home.
    The reason I write this is to encourage you to put up notices in supermarkets, shop windows, stobie poles, school notice boards and in your local paper if you have one.
    I truly hope you get Trixie back, it is possible!

  • Rebecca

    Sorry to hear about this Colleen, we have to be so careful with our birds to make sure they don’t escape. I also have birds and would be as devastated as you if I lost any of them.

    It would be worth posting at and also putting up signs at local vets etc – I’ve heard of birds being found after a week or more so don’t give up! 🙂

  • Wendy Owen

    [Hmmm, greenbank i’m in sydney, not sure where greenbank is…..
    she’s grey with bright orange cheeks.]

    Sorry Colleen, I thought you were on the Gold Coast. Greenbank is between Brisbane and Gold Coast.
    Some good news though, a grey cockatiel has a better chance of survival in the wild then a yellow one. They are not as conspicuous.


  • Deborah

    So sorry to hear that your beloved Trixie flew away. She was probably only looking for adventure not knowing how much she’d miss you. I do hope she makes her way home safely. I know the love of a dear pet is sometimes strangly deeper than that of a human…different anyway, as it is unconditional.


  • Lisa

    Dear Coleen

    I am really sorry about your fly away. I know exactly how you feel. I came across your post in my search online to know if my pet cockateil Tweety who flew away 3 days away will return to me. I too am devastated and hoping she flies back to me. I read your post and say that is exactly how my Tweety behaved. Jumping all over my laptop and following my fingers on the keys for “scratch head”. I refuse to clean up the popcorn mess she made in the corner of my room in memory of her. She used to call me mummy and sleep on one end of my pillow at times. She used to look in the mirror and call herself “Pretty Tweety”. I miss all her little ways as you do with your Trixie. I am worried if she will make it our there since she is a fussy eater . At least I dont have to wonder about cold weather since we live in the Caribbean. I really hope your Trixie finds her way home. Keep the faith and pray. Cockateils are truly amazing creatures of the Lord. Lisa

  • Chris

    I’m going to have to break the sympathy chain here, as I don’t understand how people can keep animals in confined spaces and call themselves ‘animal lovers’.

    Rebecca – “we have to be so careful with our birds to make sure they don’t escape.”

    If you were a bird, would you want to be trapped in a cage/house (both prisons) or free to fly in the sky?
    Denied the right to stretch your wings and fly free because a selfish human thought it would be nice to have a pet.

    Also, ‘unconditional love’ – from an animal? Seriously?

    Shame on you all for imprisoning animals for your own pleasure.

  • Colleen, not sure if this is the right medium to contact you, especially given the nature of this post (sorry about your bird – seriously) but I just purchased your WSO and I am still so blown away by the value and the no BS content that I had to come over here and personally thank you. Well that and the fact that we both make money with Amazon and we both live in Sydney.

    Thanks again Colleen, good luck and congrats on the WSO so far!

  • Keith Jones

    Hi Colleen – very sorry to hear about your cockateil – maybe it just wanted a holiday …
    I’d still leave temptig goodies near the house if she was mine – just in case – Pets can be so important to a family
    Best Wishes

  • Joyce

    Hello Colleen,

    I remember when you lost your cockatiel, and thought when I first read about it, how much you must love birds, and so I thought of you when I saw this video on the computer today.

    It is a video of Snowball the dancing Cocky, and I enjoyed it tremendously.

    I don’t know many bird lovers, but just wanted to pass it on to someone who would appreciate it, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, that is, if you haven’t already seen it.

    Here is the link:

    Also I looked on you tube, and there are some more there. Another one which is a good video of Snowball is:

    Apparently, he lives at a bird sanctuary in the United States.

    Kind Regards,


  • sheri

    I lost my amazon parrot one week ago. He flew away from home all because he got startled by a rooster whilst he was relaxing on the balcony with my parents. He was six years old and the love and joy of our lives. we were distraught. the best thing to do if is to see where he landed and go there looking and calling loudly for him.he may be scared and wont answer so look carefully. dont give up. if you didnt see him, walk the area (1 mile radius and look and call). the best thing is to place flyers offering a big reward all over your neighbourhood. speak to people as well as place the flyers in their mailboxes, at supermarkets, pharmacies….all over. my parrot survived 5 days and 5 nights without much food and water and he did not go far, on the 5th day, he landed in someone’s yard and she found him and called us (she had a flyer). the key is to move quickly and dont give up. the first few days they are usually nearby but too scared to answer.they are prob hungry, cold and scared so they need you to keep looking. they expect you to and are counting on you cuz they cant fend for themselves. above all else. pray.pray hard. miracles happen. i prayed and searched incessantly.i found my zazu back because it was a miracle indeed.

  • Gary Packer


    So sorry for your loss. I am one of those sort of people who do anything for animals. I have, over the years – more so as a youngster, brought home many sick and injured animals.

    I used to rescue and rehome ferrets and battery-housed chickens.

    I had my beautiful Megan, a German Shepherd, for 13 years. She was my baby. She slept by my bed every night. Sadly, I had to have her PTS a couple of years ago and she is still dearly missed. I even wrote a tribute to her on Squidoo

    Now, I have rescue rats (pet rats). I thought I couldn’t get as attached to them since they have such a short life-span. How wrong I was. I still cry every time one goes to the Bridge.

    Here’s hoping Trixie will come back.

    Keep your chin up.

    Kind Regards,


  • Sharon Trainor

    I’m so sorry about Trixie… your story brought tears to my eyes.

    I had two cockatiels named Kiwi and Peeps, female and male prospectively. They were the most loving creatures! I got them when they were very small, and both had been hand raised. Peeps was so young that I still had to hand feel him with an eyedropper, so of course he thought I was his momma… lol.

    He used to walk across the floor and right up my bathrobe to be with me. Kiwi, the female was a total sweetheart…

    Unfortunately, my husband and I split up, leaving me with 3 pre-teen and teen children to raise virtually by myself. Got a full time job, and was exhausted by the end of the day.

    I felt so bad for my birds that I gave them to a woman who loved them very much. Peeps is still alive, Kiwi passed away a few years ago… the new owner found Peeps laying on top of Kiwi’s poor little lifeless body. They had been together for ten years plus. They did have a son together also.

    As much as I disliked giving them up, I knew I had to do it, it just wasn’t fair to them, as they didn’t get any where near the attention they used to from me.

    I even taught Peep to sing Jeepers Creepers, where’d ya get those peepers… lol. Plus various other things.

    To this day I still think about them, they were a true treasure to have.

    I’m sorry this has gotten so long… but reading about your loss brought back a flood of memories… =)

    • Colleen

      @Sharon Trainor, thanks sharon for your kind words, i don’t know what happened to my lovely trixie, i hope she’s okay and that’s all i can think of. however, i have little romeo now who is super super cuddly and doesn’t know what personal space is

      love colleen

  • Miko

    I feel your pain. My heartbreaks. Our lovebird Bebe flew out the back door. It’s been 5 nights. We are devastated. 🙁

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