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Now, unlike many people you'll get emails from today, I have been a member of Spin Rewriter since 9 March 2012, very early on in it evolution.


Many marketers will send out emails about Spin Rewriter without being a member or user of it.

I however do use it, as do my virtual assistants, and I can personally vouch for and highly recommend this, as I have tried so many spinners prior to this.

I'm not alone in my affection for Spin Rewriter...

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IF you're too busy to watch the sneak-peak video of the awesome 5.0 features here are just SOME of the NEW features that are going to blow you away:

  • You will be able to fetch relevant seed articles for spinning inside Spin Rewriter....in seconds....from a huge built in database of 126,700+ quality articles.
  • The article processing speed has been catapulted to 1 second per average article (that's just insane).
  • The One Click Rewrite (my favourite) on a 500 word article now takes only 9 seconds (love it).
  • It comes with a built-in industry-leading grammer and spelling checker with 1-click functionality
  • You can automatically insert relevant youtube videos into your articles....again in seconds (awesome)
  • Paragraphs and listed can be intelligently reordered -- automatically
  • Plus lots more

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As well as my amazing bonuses below you are also going to get something really special from Aaron...

BONUS A: The OFFICIAL Spin Rewriter Wordpress plugin

It's a super polished piece of software that keeps your wordpress websites chock full of fresh content. Check it out here!

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BONUS B: The awesome "34 Days To 7000 Daily Visitors" Step By Step SEO blueprint

....with DAILY instructions on how to do great AND effective seo....You can check it out right here.

BONUS C: All new users will also get a SURPRISE bonus....Full access to Site Guardian Pro

...a website monitoring service that will let you know if something happens to any of your websites (how cool is that).

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Here's A Well Known, Yet Underestimated SEO Trick For 2014... and 2015!

The easiest way to rank your website on the first page of Google?

Definitely contextual backlinks. Because they are surrounded with many keywords, they have more value than spammy links from forum profiles or blog comments. They also look more natural.

3 Roads To Success

There are 3 easy ways to build contextual backlinks. You can:

* Create a ton of Web 2.0 sites and publish your articles with backlinks there.

* Guest post on other people's blogs.

* Publish articles in article directories.

And that's pretty much it.

You've probably already heard that. But, that's not all. You shouldn't stop there. For real success, you need to go that extra mile.


You shouldn't just link to your "money site"... You need to build links to all of your web 2.0 sites as well! You need to build links to your links. We call them "second tier" links. They make all the difference. They make your support sites seem more "legit". They make links from support sites more valuable. You want that, RIGHT?!

You may argue with me that this requires TONS of content. It's true. I'll reveal the solution after I answer another open question.

How to build "second tier" links? Simply, create Web 2.0 sites, write guest posts and publish articles in article directories -- and use all this content to link to your "first tier" links!

Huh... I can't believe how EASY it is. All you need is enough content. And I'll tell you how to get it. It can be very cheap (or even FREE).

FREE Content -- A Myth?

Many people aren't telling you about this strategy because they don't want you to know how POWERFUL it is. Using a top-quality article spinner is GUARANTEED to generate all the content you need... in seconds, for no money at all after your initial investment!

Even better news is that BAD spinning doesn't cut it anymore these days. Google hates poorly spun articles. I hate them too. That is why you need to pick an article spinner that is able to spin content just like humans -- and you'll be able to DOMINATE your competitors!

I personally prefer Spin Rewriter. I've tried all of them and at the moment only Spin Rewriter is able to produce readable and unique content. With a SINGLE click.

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P.S. The Guys from Spin Rewriter don't just sell software. They also GIVE AWAY knowledge.

They'll also teach you exactly what to do with unlimited content to rank your websites on TOP of Google. Completely FREE. Your training starts on Day 1.

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 I will give you over a million plr articles that you can use for anything you want. That's right....over 1 million articles...over 200,000 niches/topics.


  I will give you more than 220,000 plr articles on more than 1000 niches
that you can use for anything you want.   That's right....you will receive more than 220,000 plr articles in more than 1000 niches that you can use for anything you want.  Here are just a handful of the list of the niches just starting with A:  accounting, acid reflux, acne, acupuncture, addiction, adolescent health issues, adoption, adsense, adult dyslexia, adventure sailing, advertising, adware and spyware, aerobics, affiliate marketing, affiliate programs, after school activities, aikido, air ambulance, air filters, air freight, air purifiers, air travel, airbrush art, airline, airline tickets, alarms, allergies (the mind truly boggles)!

These bonuses are available when you become a paid Spin Rewriter 5.0
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