Reverse Engineering Flippa As An Affiliate Marketer

Hi there,

I thought it was about time to create a post about a topic that I find really interesting and that’s reverse engineering sites on flippa that are for sale.

I regularly spend at least once a week on Flippa simply to look at sites that are making money.

That’s because you can find so much information about a site that you can add to your watch list to refer back to in the future when you want to create your own new site on a buyer site.

Here is a list of actions that you can take when you start out reverse engineering flippa.

Firstly go to Flippa and look at a variety of searches:

Sites that are making money

Sites that are getting traffic

Searching for particular keywords such as:




When you then see relevant searches come up you can then delve even further into it according to:

domain age



What you can then find is quite simply amazing.

You can find sites that are already making money.

Quite often the seller will indicate how they are making money ie:

Facebook Ads

Organic Traffic

Video Marketing

Article Marketing

Spending time looking at these ads can be very profitable to you

When you find a niche that interests you you can then expand on it yourself:

Think of creating a facebook page or web 2.0 property that then links to another web 2.0 property where you do your preselling.

You don’t even need to have your own domain for it yet, just wait for it to be profitable and then expand.

Consider direct linking from video promotions.

Consider press releases.

It’s actually very exciting because all the marketing hard yards have already been done by someone else so you can then review what they’ve done and duplicate it with your own special marketing methods.

Hope these simple flippa marketing tips help and inspire you.

Let me know your thoughts below.

Love colleen x

5 comments to Reverse Engineering Flippa As An Affiliate Marketer

  • Nadine Huegel

    Thanks for the tips, Colleen

    Interesting approach

    from a fellow Aussie!


  • Wendy Owen

    Interesting and innovative thought Colleen. There seems to be a lot of penguin/ panda affected sites on Flippa at the moment.


  • Amer

    Excellent idea! I had saw this in past whenever I visit flippa. But really unable to put in words, how you put it here. You have this amazing touch. That is why you are the winner.

    Really inspiring tips.


  • Jillian P

    lol, great minds think alike, dare I say?

    We’ve been doing something similar to this for a couple of months now. We are reverse engineering sites that fit our criteria and then basically setting up an improved copy of them.
    And so far it’s looking good!
    Why think for yourself when somebody has already done it for you 😉

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