Be Proactive – Follow These Steps To Be PROACTIVE In Protecting Your Content

Now yesterday I talked about a horrific personal experience I had a few years back when not only was my content stolen but my ENTIRE blog was stolen.  You can read my initial post here.

Now as with most things related to internet marketing, being proactive is the best thing you can do if you are serious about your business and the time you’ve spent creating it.

So let’s look at some steps you can take.

Step 1  You can manually put some of your content in double quotation marks in the google search bar and see if you can see those unique sentences and paragraphs elsewhere online.

Step 2 You can use Copyscape and other plagiarism monitoring websites to test the uniqueness of your content against other sites on the web.

Step 3 Google Alerts is another effective way to find out which phrases have been used elsewhere in your articles.  It is a good idea to put your personal name into these alerts and you will receive a notification with a link to any web page with similar content in the future.

Interesting Feedback From Matt Cutts

It’s pretty crazy that Google and the head of the web spam team, Matt Cutts openly admit that sites with stolen, duplicated content can actually outrank the original author’s site.

Take a moment to watch this informative video.

Mark Thompson has just released a wordpress plugin to help us with this very issue.

It’s called Plagiarism Avenger (pretty cool name) and you can find more about it here. It goes live at 11am on 6 August 2013.

When you install Plagiarism Avenger on your blogs it will do all the super important PROACTIVE tasks that marketers need to protect their hard work:

  • Protects Your Content
  • Sets Up Uniqueness Monitoring Levels
  • Monitors Content in Both Google & Bing
  • White Lists Authority + Article Syndication Sites
  • Sends Automated Email Alerts
  • Runs Extensive and Archival Reports
  • Allows you to Easily File DMCA Requests

You can find more about it via the link below:


Now as a special bonus for purchasing Plagiarism Detective via my affiliate link I am going to give you an exclusive bonus tips on what you need to do should you find someone else using your content online and proving that it’s yours!

Here’s all you need to do to get it:

Click on the links in this post at 11am on 6 August 2013 to get Plagiarism Detective:

When you access your purchase in your JVZoo account in My Purchases you will see my bonus there for you with additional advice for what you should do (if you can’t see it easily on the page just do a search for Colleen and you should find it easily then :O)

Easy peasy.



PS: It takes 15 seconds to set up the plugin on your blog…and the 2-click DMCA application makes it super easy for you to contact the search engines, web hosts, and even ISPs with just a few clicks.

Plagiarism Avenger is also backed by a money back guarantee for your peace of mind.

PPS: Yes, there is an oto and it’s entirely up to you whether you want it but it’s called Image Avenger which will actually protect your images from being stolen.


How Someone Stole My Entire Blog And Put It On THEIR Hosting

colleen slaterToday I am going to talk to you about theft and about a horrendous experience I had a couple of years back.

Ultimately it ended up with my ENTIRE blog being stolen…

…and being put on the thief’s own hosting account.

I want to tell you how it happened so that it’s something you can be aware of.

A few of years ago now I was watching a site on Flippa that I was interested in.

Now I wasn’t actually interested so much in the site¦

….but in the marketing methods that the seller was using to get the results that he was getting which were very nice by the way.

Now I bid on the site, because I thought the information was THAT valuable!

However I didn’t win.

Post auction the seller contacted me and said he could create the same site for me and provide me with the same information — for a fee.

I thought about it for a while and agreed with what he was offering.

I picked a domain and he created the site for me and offered free hosting for the first few months.

I didn’t think anything of it at the time because I am a very trusting person…

…but let this was the start of the unravelling.

Now I paid for the site and I got it — AND the information I was after — and didn’t really think too much of it after that.

I decided to rework the content into my own style and made a very nice looking blog which started making affiliate sales.

Anyway I had the site transferred to my hosting which the seller did…and moved on with my marketing.

A couple of months later I was checking for copyscape etc and found — by chance –a complete duplicate of my updated site.

Yes, on the seller’s hosting!!

Every single image, link, word was the same as mine — word for word — the only thing that was different of course was HIS affiliate link.

I was dumbfounded.



I thought what kind of person is this that would do such a thing?

I went back in my mind and realised that at some point the blog was on HIS hosting…

…so at some point he had taken a duplicate of my entire site and kept it on his hosting.

Let this be a WARNING that you should be aware of any times when someone offers you FREE hosting for a period of time.

This is clearly where I came unstuck.

Anyway, through a very long — and protracted process — the content was eventually removed.

I also contacted the affiliate program manager too.

Of course, my rankings started increasing pretty quickly after that( as it was no longer viewed as the exact same content shown elsewhere).

There is nothing worse than finding out that your content has been stolen by someone else online.

In my case it was an ENTIRE blog…

…in other cases it can be an article, a video, an image etc.

Whatever, it is, it is something we put our heart and soul into.

The very essence of it makes me feel quite ill.

It is awful to know that someone else has benefited from your hard work, ideas and creativity.

To help fight the online thieves of the world, you’ve got to be well informed and prepared.

You just have to assume that these things will happen…

…and use preventative measures as much as possible.

You must know different steps to find out if your web content or article has been stolen.

It is also important to have a good comprehension of the laws, and evaluate if it’s worth your time to pursue.

It is ideal that you know exactly which actions to take to get the person to remove your content (bringing it back where it should belong- your site).

It is also crucial to think about the future – no one deserves to be a victim.

People can be very unscrupulous…it’s up to YOU to be pre-warned and proactive.

Tomorrow I will talk about what you can do yourself to find out if your content is being distributed online (and what to do about it if it is).

Have you had a similar experience?

Have you found your content being used by someone else online?

I’d love to hear about it, and so would my readers :O)




Forever Affiliate – In Depth Review

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Forever Affiliate Website

I hope you are having a wonderful day. It is a beautiful Sunday morning here in Sydney. My oldest daughter is going to the movies and I’m going to go and spend the day with my younger 7 year old daughter to give her some special love and attention.

Before I do I wanted to talk to you about affiliate marketing in 2013 for a bit.

I’ve been marketing since 2005 now, gee that REALLY feels like forever now and there have been so many changes – it’s
really scary stuff.

The days when you threw up a website with one page and ranked on google are well and truly gone.
But you know what, in some ways things are actually easier if you know what you are doing.

Quite a number of years ago I came across a fellow Aussie named Andrew Hansen. I call him Andy as I’ve known him so long.

Anyway, he first became known as an internet marketer when he was in his early 20s with the release of his product called Niche Marketing On Crack.

It was so well received that it pretty much instantly catapulted Andy to a great reputation and following as far as internet marketing goes.

A few years back he released the blogging software known as Firepow and then more recently he released Unstoppable Affiliate.

In February 2013 his new release known as Forever Affiliate was released.

Now Andy very rarely releases courses, maybe once every one or two years, but when he does you know that it’s something quality.

Now I am a member of Forever Affiliate and have been steadily going through the video course since then.

There is no doubt about it that Andy, as usual, really has his fingers on the pulse of marketing, especially in 2013.

Rather than talking the talk Forever Affiliate actually walks the walk as he shows some actual sites of his that he is working on right now and what has worked in making them profitable.

In the video above you’ll see inside my Forever Affiliate membership. At the moment it’s on a special 10 day introductory price and I believe it will be increasing in the near future.

The membership area is very easy to follow and Andy makes it easier by having a welcome video and guiding you through the membership.

What I particularly love is the fact that underneath each video there is a pdf transcript so you can learn the way you like – either visually or by reading.

My favourite is reading.

Inside the membership are three videos that give you a great overview of the Forever Affiliate course.

The Forever Affiliate course has actually been designed for you to copy exactly what Andrew does every step of the way. In fact, you are actually encouraged to create a new site from scratch with the Forever Affiliate techniques as you go through the course.

This is a good thing.

Now there are three phases inside or 3 steps.

Phase One is all about initial research before you start your site. This will help prove market viability.

Phase Two is about testing and validation. Here are fundamental strategies such as content, layout, appearance and early search strategy.

Phase Three is all about expansion – about expanding on your business model for maximum profits.

As a special bonus there is access to a bonus video about Andrew’s most profitable niches

Are there any upsells?

In fairness I should indicate that they are.

There is the option to add Forever Affiliate coaching to your membership.

This is a great add on for people who lack motivation or need some extra focus and handholding. Additionally you will continue to get coaching from Andrew until you reach your first $1000.00

There is also the option to get access to the written materials included in the coaching without the actual coaching itself.

Forever Affiliate is really up to the minute with strategies that are working right now.

It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee but at the end of the day I don’t believe many people will take advantage of that as the course is that top notch.




Article Writing Tips – The Top 10 List

At the end of every year, all the radio stations do their top 100 countdowns. Don’t you just love them? Well, in this article, I’m going to do my top 10 countdown of the 10 most important things when it comes to writing an article. We’re going to start with number 10 and work our way up to number 1.

At number 10 is flow. You want your article to have a steady flow from start to finish. For example, in this article, we’ve introduced the fact that we’re going to do a top 10 countdown and then we went and actually counted down from 10 to 1. Everything flowed naturally as it should.

Number 9 in our countdown is research. Now, in the case of this article, the actual research was from my own experience from writing articles. But what if you’re not too sure about a subject? Well, in that case, you want to make sure you research it completely so you don’t end up sounding like an idiot.

Moving on to number 8, we have variety. You don’t want your paragraphs to all start with the same word. That gets monotonous after a while. Notice how, for the first three things in this countdown, I found a different way to start each paragraph. This is very important to keep from boring your readers.

Lucky number 7 is grammar and spelling. I don’t believe I even have to mention this, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t check their grammar and spelling when they write an article. This gives the impression that you’re unprofessional.

Our sixth most important thing, when writing an article, is credibility. I don’t care what it is that you’re writing about. You MUST have some credibility. Mine? I’ve written thousands of articles and have made a good amount of money from doing so. Therefore, I must have some idea of what I’m talking about.

We’re halfway through our countdown at number 5…resource box. If you’re going to write articles for the purpose of making money, you want a solid resource box at the end of it in order to get people to go to your site. If the resource box is weak, all the writing in the world, no matter how good it is, is wasted.

Taking the number 4 position is syndication. Look, I don’t care how good your article is. If nobody sees it, it doesn’t do anybody any good. So you MUST concentrate on syndication…getting your article circulated around the Internet. Submitting to article directories is a great way to do this.

Just two notches from the top spot, at number three, is the summary. People have short memories. So at the very end of the article, you want to summarize the main points so that they don’t forget what they are.

It was a real hard decision, but coming in at number 2 is the title. I was going to make this number 1 for a long time but have decided against it for a very good reason. When you see number one, you’ll understand. Your title has GOT to be captivating or people are not going to want to read the article…no matter HOW good it is.

Finally, we have number 1…subject matter. Folks, this is the ball game. I don’t care how good the article is or how good you think your title is. If you’re writing about something that few people care about (such as underwater pole vaulting) you are NOT going to get readers…period.

There you have it folks…the top 10 things you MUST know about how to write an article that people will read, enjoy and respond to. Hopefully, this article fit the bill nicely.

If you  have an extra tip I’d love to hear about it.

Love Colleen


Reverse Engineering Flippa As An Affiliate Marketer

Hi there,

I thought it was about time to create a post about a topic that I find really interesting and that’s reverse engineering sites on flippa that are for sale.

I regularly spend at least once a week on Flippa simply to look at sites that are making money.

That’s because you can find so much information about a site that you can add to your watch list to refer back to in the future when you want to create your own new site on a buyer site.

Here is a list of actions that you can take when you start out reverse engineering flippa.

Firstly go to Flippa and look at a variety of searches:

Sites that are making money

Sites that are getting traffic

Searching for particular keywords such as:




When you then see relevant searches come up you can then delve even further into it according to:

domain age



What you can then find is quite simply amazing.

You can find sites that are already making money.

Quite often the seller will indicate how they are making money ie:

Facebook Ads

Organic Traffic

Video Marketing

Article Marketing

Spending time looking at these ads can be very profitable to you

When you find a niche that interests you you can then expand on it yourself:

Think of creating a facebook page or web 2.0 property that then links to another web 2.0 property where you do your preselling.

You don’t even need to have your own domain for it yet, just wait for it to be profitable and then expand.

Consider direct linking from video promotions.

Consider press releases.

It’s actually very exciting because all the marketing hard yards have already been done by someone else so you can then review what they’ve done and duplicate it with your own special marketing methods.

Hope these simple flippa marketing tips help and inspire you.

Let me know your thoughts below.

Love colleen x