How to Say Goodbye to the Grind and Be Your Own Boss From Now On

How to Say Goodbye to the Grind and Be Your Own Boss From Now On

Leaving behind a job you’ve become accustomed to is never easy and there are many reasons that people say goodbye to a job. Some leave a job because they’ve outgrown the work and are no longer challenged mentally.

Others leave because of office politics or poor pay despite all their hard work. A few leave a job because they’ve decided that it’s time to be their own boss. Maybe that’s you and you’re planning a new and exciting future away from the same old grind but you’re not quite sure how to exit gracefully.

Never burn bridges. Though it’s tempting to finally get everything you’ve been holding in off your chest, you never know when you might need that former boss as a reference or as a networking opportunity, so make sure that you leave gracefully.

Give a two-week notice and clear everything out of your to-do box to make the transition easier for the next person who will fill your shoes. Gather all of the contact information from colleagues and customers so that you can stay in touch with those you like and also to form new loyalties in the future with your own business.

Remember that timing is important. While it’s great to dream, you can’t pay the mortgage with a dream. So get the finances in order before you wave adios to your boss. Plus, you don’t want the stress of finances nipping at your heels.

Work hard before you quit to pay a few months ahead on all of your utilities and credit cards and other financial obligations. Tuck away enough money in savings to get support yourself while your business is in the start up phase. You’ll be glad you don’t have that pressure.

Being your own boss is exciting, but it can also be trying if you’ve never been responsible for a business before. First, do your homework. Have a focused marketing plan for your business and put it to work.

Remember that most businesses don’t see profit overnight. But with a steady dedication you will succeed. Remember the colleagues you said goodbye to? Now is the time to network with them. Tap into their circle of contacts to spread the word about your business.

Don’t buy into the myth that you have to spend a lot of money to make money. Your business budget shouldn’t be spent on fancy gadgets for the office or advertising. Instead, look for all of the free avenues you can take to build your business.

You don’t have to spend money to make it. Have a business plan and stick to the plan. You might even consider setting in place some trusted advisors and give them veto power to help keep you from making some of the mistakes that start up businesses commonly make.

Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner

DC65 Animal Complete
*Tested against upright market, dust-loaded, using ASTM F608, ASTM F2607, and IEC 60312-1 5.2, 5.9.
Cleans better than any other vacuum across carpets and hard floors*
Manufacturer’s Description

DC65 is the most powerful upright vacuum on a ball, with the strongest suction of any other vacuum*. It uses Radial Root Cyclone technology and a reconfigured brush bar to remove more dirt and dust from the home. The redesign of the brush bar means that the bristles have been made shorter and stiffer allowing deeper carpet penetration to remove more dirt, while maintaining superior performance on hard floors. The DC65 cleans better than any other vacuum across carpets and hard floors**. It achieves this through the combination of Radial Root Cyclone technology and a self adjusting cleaner head which seals in suction across carpets and hard floors. The latest Ball technology allows easy steering into difficult places. More key technologies are housed inside the ball, reducing components on the outside of the machine. Removing clutter from around the ball makes it even easier to steer under and around furniture. Other vacuums have a choice of settings for different floor types. This means that when moving from one floor type to another, suction power can be wasted. DC65 has an active base plate which self adjusts to create optimal contact with every floor type. This reduces air leaks and retains more suction power at the cleaner head. DC65 has the best all around pick-up of any Dyson vacuum.

Patented Dyson Technology

Dyson engineers are constantly testing and investigating, trying to find new ways to make things work better. They improve existing technologies and invent new ones. As they work, they file patent applications to protect their inventions from copycat manufacturers. That’s why the only place you’ll find Dyson technology is inside a Dyson machine. DC65 uses Radial Root Cyclone technology to maximize suction power. Improved airflow efficiency reduces turbulence and preserves air pressure, so more microscopic particles are extracted by the inner cyclones. Dyson engineers have further refined the cyclone inlets and vortex fingers in this machine to generate more suction through the machine – these refinements remove more dirt and dust from the home. Additionally, DC65 has the latest Ball technology; the vacuum’s key components have been engineered to fit inside the ball itself. This gives the machine a streamlined profile, allowing access to tight spaces and lowering its centre of gravity to make it lighter in the hand.

Reconfigured Brush Bar

The redesign of the brush bar – raising the ridge that the bristles sit on, means that the bristles have been made shorter and stiffer, allowing deeper carpet penetration to remove more dirt and less likely to scratch hard floors. Additionally, Dyson engineers have stripped back the design of the cleaner head so that the brush bar has end to end coverage. No more irritating dirty strips at the base of skirting boards and cabinets.

Self-adjusting cleaner head

The cleaner heads on most upright vacuums need to be manually adjusted for different floor types. If this isn’t done, a gap is created between the cleaner head and the floor – and suction is lost. DC65 has an active base-plate that self-adjusts across every floor type. It maintains close contact with the floor at all times, automatically raising and lowering. Suction isn’t wasted – it’s sealed in. It also has 25% more power than its predecessor to drive bristles deeper into carpets and release more ground-in dirt.

What’s in the box?
  • DC65 Animal Multi floor vacuum
  • Operating Manual
  • Quickstart guide
  • Stair tool
  • Combination accessory tool
  • Tangle-free Turbine tool
  • Multi-angle brush
  • Stiff bristle brush
  • Zorb
  • Tool storage bag
  • Product registration card
  • 5-year warranty

*Suction tested against upright market to ASTM F558 at the cleaner head, dust- loaded as per IEC 60312-1. **Tested against upright market, dust-loaded, using ASTM F608, ASTM F2607, and IEC 60312-1 5.2, 5.9.

Compare Products
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DC65 Multi Floor
View larger
DC65 Animal
DC65 Animal Complete
Cleans better than any other vacuum across carpets and hard floors**

25% more brush bar power

Engineered for pet hair pick-up

Includes Combination accessory tool and stair tool

Includes Soft dusting brush & Tangle-free Turbine tool

Includes Multi-angle brush, Stiff bristle brush, Zorb & Tool storage bag

Includes 5-year warranty, parts & labor

Azon Home Study Course Review & Best Bonus – 95% Discount For 72 Hours Only

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The real problem here isn’t the software or even the
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‘Nuf about Ryan….

…What exactly is the Azon Home Study Course?

A successful, long-term Amazon affiliate, my mate Ryan
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When you combine Ryan’s knowledge of Amazon as an affiliate
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Anyway, getting back to this live event that he held…

…During this event, he actually built a full Amazon affiliate
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Now given the level of detail, it’s understandable that
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Here are some comments these students have shared:

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Impressive praise, to say the least.

That event was recorded and is now available for you as a home
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The entire series is comprised of 12 classes.

Each of the 12 classes has an ebook guide that is between
20 and 40 pages long.

There is also HD video recording for each of the 12 classes
from the live training.

These videos are an over-the-shoulder look at the entire site
building process, so you get to soak up every bit of this
priceless strategy – nothing is left out here.

In the training, 5 Amazon WordPress plugins were used to help
build the website which you have the option of using also.

Don’t worry, Ryan shows you how to make best use of them all
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Now Ryan is a practical and very organised man and that’s why
he has created 3 diferent options for the next three days only
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Option 1 (AZON MASTER BASIC): If money is tight and you prefer
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Option 2 (AZON MASTER PRO): This includes all the ebooks
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Option 3 (AZON MASTER EXPERT): If you want it all – the ebooks,
videos and plugins – go for option 3. You’ll be able to
follow along and use the exact plugins that Ryan uses in his
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If that’s not enough, you will also get 3 amazing bonuses with your purchase of the Azon Home Study Course (any of the 3

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Bonus #1 – Learn to manage your website and basic web design skills
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5 ebooks (20+ page each) and 5 videos (2-3 hours each)
are included with this essential training series.

Bonus #2 – The second bonus is a 2-part training series for a
free but incredibly powerful WordPress theme that is used to
build the website in the Azon Home Study Course.

You’ll learn how to use this theme to build a custom website for any
situation. Includes 2 training videos (2-3 hours each).

Bonus #3 – The final bonus is a motivational training video
(1hr 45m) from the creator of the Azon Home Study Course.
He teaches you how he stays motivated and focused
with his online work. After all, you don’t get a boss telling you what
to do and when to do it in this industry – you either
motivate yourself to work or you don’t make money.

My conclusion about the Azon Home Study Course:

This is the absolute best and most comprehensive Amazon affiliate
training course of the entire year for Amazon affiliates bar none
due to the detail and level of training involved.

Ryan is a real amazon affiliate veteran and expert of nine years.
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make sure you don’t miss this.

Now there are certain niches and products that Ryan loves promoting –
he reveals it inside his training.

So I’ve been hard at work creating a bonus that ties in *perfectly*
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Top 100 Bestsellers
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Top 100 Hot New Releases
Top 100 Movers And Shakers
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Top 100 Most Gifted


Top 100 research for the following categories:

Top 100 Bestsellers
Top 100 Top Rated
Top 100 Hot New Releases
Top 100 Movers And Shakers
Top 100 Most Wished For
Top 100 Most Gifted

Cleaning Supplies
Heating, Cooling, Air Quality
Home Decor
Irons & Steamers
Kids Home Store
Kitchen & Dining
Seasonal Decor
Storage And Organization
Vacuums And Floor Care
Wall Decor


Top 100 Research into the top Bedding brands in the US:

Blancho Bedding
Blowout Bedding
Egyptian Bedding
sweet jojo designs


Top 100 Bestsellers
Top 100 Hot New Releases
Top 100 Movers & Shakers
Top 100 Most Gifted
Top 100 Most Wished For


Accessories And Spare Parts
Arts And Crafts
Homeware And Furniture
Kitchen And Dining
Kitchen And Home Appliances
Large Appliances


Research into the following top bedding brands in the UK:
Catherine Lansfield
Bedding Online
Linens Limited
Homemaker Bedding

This is truly an incredible amount of research and a value
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New Amazon Site Sells For $3000.00 – An Exciting Read

Hi there,

I’ve got a very exciting interview to share with you today — one with a 9 year Amazon affiliate veteran who sold a brand new amazon review site for $3000.00 on Flippa.

I asked a lot of questions that you’d probably love to ask yourself, and Ryan’s responses are incredibly honest and very generous.

I’ve compiled it into a pdf document which you can read directly here

I would recommend that you download it to your pc and keep it somewhere, so that you can refer back to it whenever you need to in the future…it is that good :O).

I’ll be in touch soon with something VERY exciting.

Till then, enjoy the read.

Lots of love,


Article Video Robot 2.0 Review & 50% Discount Coupon Code

Article Video Robot 2.0 In Depth Review & 50% Discount Coupon Code

article video robot 2.0 reviewHi there and welcome to my Article Video Robot 2.0 review.

I’m writing to tell you about the new feature-packed release of Article Video Robot 2.0 (the original AND best article to video software EVER created).

The first version of Article Video Robot has allowed 46,097 article marketers to create an astonishing 343,384+ videos.

Everyone from top internet marketers like Willie Crawford to small business owners use Article Video Robot.  It’s easy to see why.

I am going to be reviewing the brand new deluxe Article Video Robot 2.0 in depth – quite basically because it deserves an in depth review.

It is THAT good with the new 2.0 release.

Let’s start with what IS Article Video Robot, for those of you who are not familiar with it…

If you’re not familiar with Article Video Robot, this robot software uses articles to create stunning videos.

Article Video Robot 2.0 Review

A Summary Of New Features (I will go more in depth below).

Version 2.0 comes with a range of killer features including…

  • Real people video intros and outros…
  • More ‘real sounding’ voice overs…
  • Killer marketing video templates (whiteboard included)…
  • Automatic upload and social submission…
  • Lead capture player with redirection…
  • And much more…

This really is ‘la creme de la creme’ of automated video creation tools for marketers and I have personally arranged for those of you who join Article Video Robot via my link to save 50 percent on your Article Video Robot.

Here’s all you need to do:

Step 1: Click on this link

Step 2: Paste in my unique coupon code which I’m sharing below when asked and your 50% saving will instantly be applied to yearly and monthly plans (or sign up for a free plan and try it out for yourself. Do be aware that the coupon is only valid for 30 days from 18 November 2013):

Article Video Robot 2.0 Coupon Code

Apply my coupon code below when you click the link in this blog post and you will save 50 percent on Article Video Robot indefinitely :O)


But before you do…I know what you’re thinking…

The videos produced by ‘automated’ software like this have never look professional enough to be associate them with our online business…Truth be told, they’ve been downright embarrassing.

That certainly isn’t the case this time…

The videos created by Article Video Robot 2.0 are awesome.  They look and sound so professional that there is no way the viewer would ever imagine that they were created automatically from ‘an article’…

Don’t believe me? Check out the demo videos for yourself.
There are tons of awesome examples here

Here’s How Article Video Robot 2.0 Works

When you log into the site and choose your first style of video to create you can either paste in your article or go to article sites where you already have your articles uploaded and just paste in the article url.

That’s all you need to do to get started.

But let me go into more detail.

Video Marketing For Article Marketers

With just a click of your mouse you can quickly convert any of your plain articles into an animated video with music, animation, graphics and voiceovers.

There is NO editing required.

Let Article Video Robot Upload Your Videos To Youtube Only Or Youtube & Over 17 Video Sharing Sites

article video robot 2.0

It can be a tedious task uploading videos to Youtube and other video sharing sites.

As a special bonus today AVR is including their award winning software known as Video Submit Robot right inside
AVR (normally $47 per month but yours free today).

With just a mouse click VSR will submit your video to over 17 video sharing sites automatically AND hassle-free.

Youtube SEO Wizard For Instant Rankings Of Your Videos

youtube seo wizard

Youtube is actually the second largest search engine (after Google) and Youtube Seo Wizard is another bonus for you to help you rank your videos quickly.

The seo wizard software will analyze your video against the set of rules that Google uses to rank videos on Youtube and will give you suggestions on how to fix any issues with your video and how to improve your video ranking.

The optimization is in two parts, a more basic optimization and then suggestions for more advanced optimization.

A score of 75 percent minimum is highly recommended for best results and gives you the best chance of getting on the first page of the youtube search engine for the keywords you are targeting :O)

Turn Your Articles Into Powerpoint Presentations In Just One Click

(I personally love this one heaps, literally a second and it’s done).

When your video is ready to video inside AVR you can quickly download it into a powerpoint presentation that you can upload to slideshare or have it done for you right inside AVR.

This is priceless, not only do your articles get converted into videos but they also get converted into traffic generating powerpoint presentations.

Pretty cool, hey??

Add Your Videos To Your Own Sites With Call To Action Video Players

article video robot player

After your video is ready you can then embed the video right in your blog/websites or those of your offline clients with call to action buttons embedded right inside your video.

Once again, AVR is including this software inside your membership ($147 value).

How About Automatic Bookmarking Of Your Videos After Submission?

One of the best ways to improve your rankings is with sharing sites and Social Submit Robot will do this all for you :O).

Your video links (including your Youtube links) can also be submitted automatically to Digg, Reddit, Facebook and 12 more social sites at no additional cost (Just make a few on screen selections and it’s done).

What About Automatically Converting Your Blog Posts Into Videos?

As an AVR you will get an exclusive plugin that will allow you to convert your blog posts into videos with a click of the mouse (plus you can have your site updated every time you create a new video).

You get total control how you use this feature (if at all) but once again it is a super valuable part of AVR with no extra charges or effort required on your part :O)

Seven Natural Sounding Voices


Choose from male and female voices (you can even mix them up in the video as you go along). Just click to listen and choose and you’re done.

Highest Quality HD Videos

All videos are produced in high definition with all business account videos stamped with the HD logo.

This means clear pictures, impeccable sound and high focus.

It Gets Even Better With Video Intros & Outros By Real Actors


Research has shown that video viewers respond better to videos that have a person in the introduction and, even better, if they have a person at the end of the video too.

Your AVR memership will include a choice of male and female actor clips that you can use at the beginning and end of
your videos for better viewer engagement. You’ll love this feature!!

5 Professional Marketing Themes That Will Convert Like Crazy

whiteboard video software

Whiteboard videos are all the range because they look incredible and keep viewers hooked to the very end.

You’ll love the whiteboard video themes included in your AVR membership.

They are top notch, eye catching, super professional, and offer a lot of bang for their video buck.

I was over the top excited when I saw what these video themes can do…and you will be too.

Article To Video On Autopilot As AVR Stalks Your Author Feed

If you’re a regular article writer you’re going to love this.

AVR will follow your author feed and will discover any new articles you write on auto pilot. No copy-pasting, editing.

Doubling your article traffic has never been easier.

The fact is if you publish articles online, you are seriously doing yourself a disservice if you aren’t using Article Video
Robot also.

Free Stock Photos And Music For Your Videos

You will get more than 5,000 royalty-free stock photos and 100s of professional music files to use in your videos included.

AVR Works On Your Smartphone Too

create videos on iphone

If you like to work on your iphone or ipad you can create your videos on there too.

Online Video Converter

You can downoad your videos in any format you like with the AVR online video converter.

Record Voiceovers With Your Phone

You can record your voice in just 3 simple steps and it will be automatically added to your video.

Customer Support & Fully Loaded Learning Centre

Not only is the learning centre filled with easy to follow tutorials and step by step directories but you will also get LIVE customer support 24 hours a day seven days a week.

How To Get Started With Article Video Robot

There are three accounts available inside Article Video Robot…

  1. Lite
  2. Power
  3. Business

Article Video Robot Lite Account

This is the free version which you can try right now.

It allows for:

  • 30 seconds video length
  • 3 voices
  • Web only video player
  • Web quality video quality

It does not allow you to download your video or self-branding (ie watermarks).

<<Click the link for a free Article Video Robot account>>

Article Video Robot Power Account

The power account is $23.50 with my half price coupon code
when paid monthly or you can save a further 37% by paying yearly.

Instead of paying $359/year you will only have to pay $179.50
which equals $14.95 per month.

How cool is that?

This account gives you:

  • 10 minute video length
  • 5 voices
  • Web & Customer player
  • SD video quality
  • 50 videos a month
  • 50 credits a month for video distribution
  • Watermarking of your videos

<<Click here to sign up for a half price AVR Power membership>>

Article Video Robot Business Account (Best Value)

With your Business account you will get:

  • 20 minute video length
  • 7 voices
  • Web & custom pro video player
  • HD Video Quality
  • 125 videos per month
  • 125 video distribution credits per month
  • Watermarking of your videos

The business account is $48.50 when my half price coupon code is applied or save a further 49% per year with a yearly payment.

Instead of paying $599/year you will get the special price of $299.50 which equals $24.96 per month

<<Click Here To Save 50% On Your Article Video Robot Business Account Today>>

I’ve already picked up a copy of Article Video Robot 2.0 for my own business. If you’d like to speed up the video creation process for your business, I strongly recommend that you do get an Article Video Robot account today…

To Your Video Marketing Success,


PS:  Thank you for reading my Article Video Robot 2.0 Review