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Do you remember when making money online was easy or at least easier?

You didn’t need a PHD to work out Facebook, G+, YouTube, SEO and you didn’t need to worry about what Google might spring on you next.

Nope, back then you could have working income streams set up in hours, and dare I say it: it was pretty easy!

Today the whole ‘Make Money Online’ thing has become really complicated – when it should actually be easy… But believe it or not; it can still be easy!

If you strip away all the bells and whistles ‘Making Money Online’ amounts to just 2 simple components:

  • An audience desperate for a solution
  • A high quality solution which satisfies the needs of the audience
  • Sure you already knew that, right

And I’m sure you know all about being the ‘Middle Man’ too

Being an affiliate is perfect… you simply position yourself between the hungry audience and the high quality solution and start collecting a percentage for referring a sale.

I know… this is all basic stuff, and you already know all about affiliate marketing… If only it was that simple!

Well, believe it or not it can be simple if you follow the training inside Mark Bishop's LA2: Lazy Affiliate 2.0

Mark Bishop is one of my FAVOURITE marketers.  His products and training programs are some of the best out there and happily promote anything he releases -- without hesitation -- because he is just top notch and A1 in my happy opinion.

Chances are if you've bought any of his products before you think the same thing.

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One of the things I particularly love about Mark's products is that they are easily duplicatable ie:  people like us who buy his products start making money (check this out).

Let's go over that for a moment.

Kate has 18 PROFITABLE press releases at the top of Google and combined she is making $3000.00 PER month from work she did months ago.

The best one is currently making her nearly $800.00 A MONTH!

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Now before I say another thing, let me tell you that this is not one of those ‘Get Rich Quick’ things. This isn't about making $30,000.00 in the next 30 days :O).

This is actually ACHIEVABLE :o).

The Lazy Affiliate 2.0 details Mark’s simple 2 hour & $15 affiliate trick which both he and many of his students have been using over the last 12 months to:

  • Grab top positions in the search engines for buying phrases (usually within days)
  • Hold onto those top positions (Mark’s case study held page 1 for over 12 months)
  • Funnel huge amounts of organic, targeted traffic
  • Make an average $100 passive per 2 hour project

Now I've asked Mark to do me a few videos so I can show you "inside" the members area in advance. on the video below to get a sneak peek right inside the LA2 members' area:

Click on the video below to have a look at upgrade number 1 - STEALTH

Click on the video below to have a look at upgrade number 2 - TEMPLATES (truly makes everything SO much easier - no guesswork involved at all, these are templates of everything you see Mark does inside LA2) so your site will look exactly the same as the case study site in the videos.

Doesn't it look AMAZING...

Oh yes, I nearly forgot… LA2 also gives you the ability to build a buyer's list in any niche you like even if you’re an affiliate!

$100 a month?… Hardly worth mentioning – you want to make way more than that right!. But here’s the point… each LA2 project takes just 2 hours and $15 to roll out… that’s it, no other work & no additional cost!

You could even outsource the ENTIRE thing!

Do the maths…

Can you see the potential?

If you're wondering about the price....well how does WELL under $20 sound? (see why I love Mark so much).

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