I’m Listening – Let Me Know What You Want

Hey there,

I’m not going to sit here and guess about what you need help with or guidance with.  Rather, I’d love it for you to tell me.  I have a number of products all set to come out in the near future but I would LOVE to hear from you what you would like me to create to help you…..anything at all, whether it’s a service, it’s a product, it’s a video series, you name it…..

I am here to help you, educate you, build your confidence, and help you have the lifestyle you so dearly want.

So PLEASE just leave your comments below.  I can’t wait to read it.

Lots of love as always



74 comments to I’m Listening – Let Me Know What You Want

  • Kimberly

    I would like to know more about the keyword research and how to do it properly. Targeting the proper keywords is hit or miss for me. My content converts at times for the good keywords, but it seems to be hit or miss for me all the time.

  • Aaron

    Silo Structures. (more advanced the better)
    Colleen keep up the good work!

  • Mike Stewart

    I need a way to start making money IMMEDIATELY, so that the money I put out is covered initially.

  • Meredith

    Hi Colleen,

    You are very sweet to do this. My biggest problem is making Any Money with affiliate marketing. Haven’t made a dime. People are reading my articles and I even made it to #1 spot on Google and Bing with 1 article. They are reading, some clicking but, no one is buying!

    I think the best advice for me would be,Good Buying Niches. I know the Big ones, Health, Money, etc but, aren’t they over saturated now? What might be some other profitable niches that aren’t too crowded?

    Thanks Colleen, you’re Great!

  • Saeed

    I think I need a service,where I can get A Amazon product.
    Fully researched,with product review (PLR),List of compatible keywords.
    It could be a one time or monthly service,where I get around at least 3 products/month fully researched

  • Steven

    Hi Colleen

    I was very impressed with your link packages, I operate on a low monthly budget with everything I do and when I say all of those $30 packages I thought that I could handle one of those a month easily but if I did that they would need to be more of a mixture to look natural.

    Another product I liked of yours was your outsourcing templates, I haven’t bought them yet but the PLR on them would be pretty cool for what I am trying to do.

    Thanks Colleen, I only discovered you products in the weekend, I bought your Google Dominatrix just at the right time, thanks, its wonderful.


  • Wei

    After a year of working in IM I finally made an affiliate sale the wordpress review theme I am overjoy, but of course realize I only made one sale in a year so the excitement didn’t last very long. Adsense seem to convert better for me since most people tend to click on ads rather than buying.

    I made many mistakes in keyword research and somehow still not able to hit it off with any sites that can get at least 100 visitors a day! I think with enough traffic to my sites I can get more sales and clicks, but how?

  • jim

    Hi Colleen,

    Just wanted to check with you.I bought the google adword domination from Russ through you. I put up an adword:
    Buying a xxx. all you need to know. Big savings and discounts.
    It was not approved. care to share your point of view?

    Mant thanks

    • Colleen

      Hi there Jim

      all i can say it may have been deemed too much of a sales type promotion. If you look at what russ recommends it’s the squeeze page or the niche blog style. They may have thought it wasn’t informative enough?


  • Rick

    i want to know how you do your niche keyword research on especially physical products.

  • Peter Mantu

    Hi Colleen,

    I have a couple of blogs up and running trying to promote clickbank products to make serious money as I have dreams bigger than YOU can imagine. I know for a fact that the methods work but it seems as if I haven’t tapped quite into it yet, sales are close to zero.

    I left a link to one of my blogs and need serious help with traffic and possible sales. My aim is to be abloe to get as mcu as 50000 visitors per day. Someone might think that i am crazy, I know I am not because I know that it’s possible.

    I need the tools to do this!

    Please help.
    Peter Mantu

  • jim

    Hi Colleen,

    Thanks for your reply. I guess I misread Russ’s point on being laser focused in the adword text. But my point remains that my ad is commerical and I made no bones about it. I wasn’t going to lure them to my site and sneak in a commerical proposal when thay take the bait. How does this all sit within your latest WSO which I just bought in search of an answer to my issue with google.


  • Osama

    i Collen . I want B2B books please!!!

  • Affy Kaye

    Hi Colleen,

    I just read your email and I thought I would drop you a line. I purchased your review theme, and I think it’s great. Very clean, nice look. My main concern now is how to build quality backlinks and really promote my products. I’m using several methods, and i’m still very early in the IM game, but any tips would be great!

  • Cheryl

    I’m a newbie and I would love to learn how to effectively sell Amazon products. But is there another way of joining your coaching program without purchasing FIREPOW? The monthly payment after the $1 trial is really just too much especially for a newbie who is still learning the ropes of earning online.


    • Colleen

      Hi there Cheryl

      Ill give it some careful consideration. However, bear in mind when you have a lot of blogs promoting any kind of products Firepow makes everything from start to finish a whole lot easier.



  • Nick

    Colleen, am pleased with what you have provided. Your emails are always well written, informative, engaging, and most welcome. Wishing you all the best.

  • Mike

    Hey Colleen.
    Whether it’s a full blown site or a blog, I think there’s a huge amount of people using wordpress. What about a “tweak a week”. Hints and little tricks that help with ranking or make things easier. Perhaps plugin reviews? Something like that would certainly be useful to us not so technically minded.


  • Steve

    Hi Colleen,
    Well can relate to almost all the above posts, have been trying to make this work for about 18 months now with limited success. Have made sales from both Amazon and Clickbank and a small amount through Adsense but not enough to keep the wolves from the door. Have no money to spend and am a little tired of all the upsells from all over the place would be nice to get some solid advice of how to make things consistant even it where $20 a week. And if someone could give that advice and get the wheels turning before trying to sell something to me I would be eternally grateful.
    Spending every day writing articles, submitting manually, blog commenting,profile linking, social bookmarking etc etc and getting absolutely nowhere is begining to get me down a bit.

  • Rae Dawn

    Hi Colleen,

    what seo tools do you recommend? What do you think of Rank Builder 2 (Alex Goad) and SEO Link Robot and Magic Submitter?


  • Jovanny

    Hi Colleen,
    Is Jovanny (excuse my English I´m from Dominican Republic). I have been for years a faithful follower of your tips and products, and I would love to visit Australia someday.

    What I want to ask you today is whether you could help to shape a site that I have, which could be very popular because of the domain name (which I do not post here because I do not know if you accept links in this blog). I know very well that the concept is interesting, and would like your advice on it. I’m willing if you want to share it with you, because it has extraordinary potential.

  • ariff

    hi Colleen,

    Purchased your blog inferno, google farmerGoogle dominatrix and Your wordpress theme.i learned alot form you but can you a new video on how to do with your wordpree theme.Its quite difficult theme for a new bie like me.I purchased 2 of youe theme and cannot work on it properly especially the featured content slides.Anyway thanx for your guidance and i think ill always buy product from aussie marketer.


    • Colleen


      your download should contain a link to become a member of the wp review theme members area so you’ll find everything there that you need



  • Geoff Skerman

    Hi Colleen,

    Good to speak to a fellow aussie.
    I am particularly interested in article writing/article spinning – best methods,best software.
    I have appreciated very much your product content & your propensity to over deliver.
    Keep up the good work.


    Geoff Skerman

    • Colleen

      @Geoff Skerman,

      Hi there Geoff

      did you grab my google dominatrix and farmer products because i talked about spinning i think in farmer, best practices with that now, and google dominatrix had some great interviews with seo experts re articled too


  • earl

    I want somebody to please simplify backlinking so I can understand how to get top spots on google’s first page, and how to do it on a tight budget some people recomend software or backlinking stratigies that cost 150-200 dollars a month. I don’t have the money to outsourse so what do I do.

  • Jim

    Hey Colleen, sorry I haven’t responded before now, we are getting a membership site up and trying to stay focused. I want to thank you for all your great e-mails and free information you’ve been sending.

    I would love to learn how you can get a lot of great content for any niche your working on to use for article marketing, using in membership sites, on your blogs, etc. It is very expensive if you buy articles even for $7.00 or $22.00 for a one article, 3 version article to spin for every post you create. I just don’t have time to keep writing content myself either. So, if you could help us locate where to go or how to implement this strategy into our business we would be overjoyed.

    I don’t know if I’m overstepping my boundaries and if you don’t want us responding to others inside your blog please delete this section. I’d like to help Steve in the above post. I also follow Matt Carter who is also from Australia and is a top notch guy.

    Steve, If you go to http://mattsmarketingblog.com have a look around on his blog and sign up for his I think 12 week training course. It is free and give so much information. He provides more information in that course than some courses where you would pay over $97.00. So, hope that helps some Steve I too have spent way to much (thousands) and get tired of all the upsells in programs we’ve purchased.

    Some other top notch guys are Andrew Hanson, Daniel Turner and Mark Lindsay and Mark Ling. Something else isn’t I think all you guys are from Australia. It really does seem you guys from Australia seem to care about your students and followers providing quality content with a true drive to help others succeed.

    Sorry for the long message and thanks again for all you do Colleen.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Your friend, JC

  • James

    Hi Colleen,

    Thanks for all the great work you do!

    I would love to learn how to think and write the kind of content that can make or break a website. Seems like I cannot come up with the content to write. It just doesn’t flow….



  • Ernest

    I get my share of traffic but not enough sales,I get many comments on my blog looks and function but that’s it. If you check out my blog can you offer some advice? I have five blogs in all none are doing great.I am in the process of adding a plug-in to make them membership site.what do you thing??

  • Paul

    Can you tel me how would I make $200-$500 a month online?
    I have tried for 2 years and have not made a cent yet. This is either a scam or extremely hard or I do not have the right know-how.

    Thanks so much,


  • hagar

    Hi Colleen!
    Just wanted to say I like your stuff!
    I’m thinking about “biggest needs”, and I think winning the lottery to finance my next AdWords campaign is it – got an app for that yet? LOL
    Have a great one, and you’re a bright spot in my day-

  • LeRoy Hodge

    I am really impressed with your Google Dominatrix coaching program. I am working hard to stay on track and soak up every bit of knowledge. I am learning sooooooooo much. I would like to have periodic reviews to verify that I am on track. EXCELLENT! THX.

  • Jeff Pearson

    Hi Colleen.
    I’m fed up with looking here and there for best practise at Affiliate Marketing, no one seems to be able to put together a ‘do this’ then ‘do that’ type of book that Newbies crave, and waste so much money trying to find.

    Pull everything together that you specialise in, and bring out the Affilate Marketing Encyclopedia. The A-Z of making money with AM. I’m sure there would be a market for it, what does everyone else think?
    Thanks for all your advice so far.

  • Chuah

    Hi Colleen,

    Thank you so much for putting up this post.. I really need some help here. I have been trying to earn a full time living from Internet Marketing for over 2 years and still it is nothing close to that…

    I have no idea what I did wrong. I mean I do get some sales from my affiliate sites. But only a couple of sales each month. They are mostly physical products. Is it that we need to build like 100ss of websites selling A LOT of products to be make a full time income? I really do not know what should be my next step.

  • Jeff Pearson

    Whoops – forgot to say in a ‘newbie see’ newbie do’ video format backed up in PDF. Shoot me down everyone if you think I’m way off target here.

  • Don (edson)

    I am curious about which WP plug-ins you recommend. I would like your opinion about WP-magic and SEO-Pressor (Daniel Tan). It seems SEO-Pressor offers a lot of help to get pages ranked high in the SERPS. Any help you could offer here is appreciated.
    Great job on your fiverr program! I will be getting FirePow and your membership program and maybe a couple more of your goodies. If I buy your stuff and get your training, it should simplify my IM life. I just don’t want to get information overload! (again)
    Thanks for your kind and unselfish help!

  • Jovanny

    Hi Colleen,

    It looks like I´would have to communicate with you by another source, because I´m trying to ask you something and I don´t see your response here. Please let me know How can I communicate directly with you.

  • Hi Colleen

    What would help me is a few fully worked and explained samples of things like product reviews, press releases, etc.

    I read lots of reports about how I should do them, but no actual illustrations of what a finished item looks like



  • Colleen


    Thats great news andrew, so happy you’re pleased with the results.

    I’m looking at adding some more packages etc and it’s all pretty exciting.

    kind regards


  • Colleen


    articles, videos, press releases are a great way to start tony



  • Adrian

    Hi, Colleen

    I was downloading your amazon special offer from the warrior site and it seems that some of my downloads were corrupted.

    Looking from my emails it could have been downloading at the same time you were amending the downlink page?? Could you please direct me to a page so that I can then have ALL the irems complete?


    in Guernsey. UK.

  • Elwin

    Hello Colleen

    I have spent the last two weeks reading about internet wholesale/dropship, writing articles and reviews, and a little on affiliated marketing.
    Sites like DOBA (dropship) do everything for an Internet retailer: create webpage for retailer,provide product, shipping and labeling. For someone like me (knows zero about internet anything) this is very appealing. I haven’t wrote to them (DOBA)or anyone else. I am writing to YOU for internet business savvy-where and how to begin because of your favorable appeal during my ‘searches’
    What advice do you have for someone starting at ground-zero?
    thanks in advance

  • David

    I was wondering if you have products that can help people go from “zero” to experts and recognized authorities in their niches, that would be nice.

  • JoEl

    Hello Colleen,

    I just recently been going through my emails…since i have recovered from being in the hospital, and found your wso of the decade “Amazon Treasure Chest”…Congrat!! I wish I wasn’t ill then so I could have purchased it. When will it be available again or can I buy it? Thank’s for your response….and keep up the good work!

    Kind Regards,

  • Hi Colleen
    I have been receiving your emails for the last ten months. I have read your through your 60 minute file, bit heavy going, but some fantastic information. My website is a travel guide, with Adsense the only affiliate which earns around £30 per month, which covers my upkeep of the site.
    I’m stuck between a rock & a hard place, not sure which direction to go. I need to see my earnings rise considerably in the coming months. I am going to go to town on the ‘accommodation and places to stay’ plus ‘places to eat’ niches. These are areas that I can generate revenue direct from potential clients if I pitch it correctly.
    What I really need is more affiliates which can earn big money.
    Can you give me some guidance on how to achieve my goal using some of the methods you describe in you emails.
    BR Mike

    • Colleen


      Generally Mike i’m not a big adsense marketer.

      Check out clickbank, market health, amazon and have a look on the warrior forum for some great wsos with case studies, that should be enough to keep you busy.



  • Shaun

    Hey Colleen,
    Loving the site and theme…..i want one 🙂

    Seriously I have to get my stuff together and put up
    my site….just have to decide on best pitch I cannot be all things to all men/women.

    Want to promote offline biz too.


    Ps. Thanks for hosting deal.

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