I Got Hacked Again This Week On One Of My Hosting Accounts – Here’s How I Found Out

As a blogger I’ve been hacked many times.  It’s a pretty scary thing.

Just like a home robbery you feel invaded — and I become very protective of my sites.

Now in years gone by I’ve not even known my sites have been hacked.  It can be a tiny hack that doesn’t alert me in any way — and that could happen for days and weeks.  And the more you do nothing about it the more they can infect every single domain on your hosting!  In fact, I’ve had two hosts attacked at the same time — and it cost me thousands to fix them.  Not only did I get hacked once, I got hacked about four times, after removing the initial hacks.  It was a nightmare and a very expensive lesson, I can tell you.

But this week I got alerted immediately and so as a result I was able to take action immediately.

After that big hack I was telling you about I decided that if I was serious about being a blogger that I needed some kind of monitoring in place.

I did a lot of research and I decided on sucuri.  I can vouch for the effectiveness of this monitoring program. It works for blogs, cms, and html websites.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1 – You add your sites to the dashboard.  They can be WP, HTML, or CMS, no problem.

Step 2 – you won’t hear anything from them UNTIL their web integrity monitor detects unauthorized changes to your websites, your dns, whois and ssl certificates.

Step 3 – you will receive an alert via email or twitter about the invasion and what the files are called.

Step 4 – submit a malware removal request and provide sucuri with your ftp information.

Step 5 – you’ll receive an email stating all malware has been removed.

I’ve been using them extensively for over a year now and it’s one of my priority business expenses.

There are a number of plans and pricings available which you can find out about here.

Alternatively, if you want to run it on just one website i have arranged for you to receive a $10 discount by clicking here.

If you are wanting to run it on unlimited websites like I did email them after joining and let them know that you signed up with Colleen Slater and they’ll be sure to look after you very well.

Let’s look at for a moment how sites get hacked.

Firstly, with wordpress, it can be because you’re not up to date with the latest install of wordpress or your plugins aren’t up to date.  Having easy to figure out passwords too is also an easy way for them to get access — as well as having easy ftp passwords.

These people are smart and they mean business — and that usually means attempting to destroy your business.

I was really excited to see something released today that helps with this.

It’s a mass updater especially for wordpress.

Click on play to watch the video below:

[pb_vidembed title=”” caption=”” url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlRswZgZOFk” type=”yt” w=”480″ h=”385″]

Click here to find out more about this wp updater plugin




10 comments to I Got Hacked Again This Week On One Of My Hosting Accounts – Here’s How I Found Out

  • Wow. I’ve read a lot about blogs being hacked or attacked and have seen it shortly after it happened to others first hand before they even knew it had occurred to them. Thanks for the very informative post.

  • Fred | Golden Rule Internet Marketing

    Hi Colleen,

    I’m sorry to hear your blog was hijacked. Thank you for reminding us just how important blog security is and for recommending a means of protecting ourselves.

    I’m sure you’ll get around to it, but don’t forget to add your newest WSO, Google Dominatrix, to your ‘Colleen’s Products’ section. Now, for those of you reading the name of the product, don’t go getting all worked up. It’s not what you think, honestly. I’m about half way through the content and happy to report it’s another fantastic product that can still be had for an extremely reasonable price. Don’t wait too long, however, as the price goes up each time a copy is purchased. Great job, Colleen.

    Take care,


  • Tom

    So sorry to hear about this. (BTW–gorgeous blog design!)I will look in to sururi right now. All the best from your Pacific Island neighbor and fan.


  • Wei

    I got hack once and after that I implemented a bunch of securities plugins on it, used the .htaccess file on the wp-admin folder so nobody but can have access to the login page, but me, installed the wp-secure plugin, lockin lock down, changed wp prefix, encrypt password plugin, etc…

  • Jim

    Hmm. Scary thought. But what I would pay for more than anything is a program that not only identifies an unauthorized intruder, but also shoots a virus into HIS computer instantly, shutting him down and clamping shut the door that he found open on my blog or site. Anyone know of a software program like this?
    As far as using the Sucuri program, what if the hackers have already BEEN in there BEFORE I copy my site to Sucuri and Sucuri thinks that they are also authorized to have access to my site?
    Thanks Colleen. Great blog BTW!

    • Colleen

      @Jim, hey jim, i’m dealing with hackers at the moment. gosh i hate them, i’ve spent all week dealing with it when i have much better things to do but i was alerted by sucuri straight away about the intrusion and am working hard to prevent it happening again



  • Leonard Greenhall

    Sorry to hear about your losses – it hurts not for the loss but that there are people who actually live like this . I have found no real success in all my effots over five years and thats ok but along they way i have been cheated so many times and for substantial amounts for me. Like yourself I trust a great deal however now I am getting very cynical about any offers for training or help My trust level is low in this whole internet ares. My simple aim is to keep tryng and to create good stuff but at the same time never to become like those who have scammed me and robbed me for that would be the greater disaster — sorry for the long ramblings but I think I speak for thousands of other small operators like myself Lennie

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