How Someone Stole My Entire Blog And Put It On THEIR Hosting

colleen slaterToday I am going to talk to you about theft and about a horrendous experience I had a couple of years back.

Ultimately it ended up with my ENTIRE blog being stolen…

…and being put on the thief’s own hosting account.

I want to tell you how it happened so that it’s something you can be aware of.

A few of years ago now I was watching a site on Flippa that I was interested in.

Now I wasn’t actually interested so much in the site¦

….but in the marketing methods that the seller was using to get the results that he was getting which were very nice by the way.

Now I bid on the site, because I thought the information was THAT valuable!

However I didn’t win.

Post auction the seller contacted me and said he could create the same site for me and provide me with the same information — for a fee.

I thought about it for a while and agreed with what he was offering.

I picked a domain and he created the site for me and offered free hosting for the first few months.

I didn’t think anything of it at the time because I am a very trusting person…

…but let this was the start of the unravelling.

Now I paid for the site and I got it — AND the information I was after — and didn’t really think too much of it after that.

I decided to rework the content into my own style and made a very nice looking blog which started making affiliate sales.

Anyway I had the site transferred to my hosting which the seller did…and moved on with my marketing.

A couple of months later I was checking for copyscape etc and found — by chance –a complete duplicate of my updated site.

Yes, on the seller’s hosting!!

Every single image, link, word was the same as mine — word for word — the only thing that was different of course was HIS affiliate link.

I was dumbfounded.



I thought what kind of person is this that would do such a thing?

I went back in my mind and realised that at some point the blog was on HIS hosting…

…so at some point he had taken a duplicate of my entire site and kept it on his hosting.

Let this be a WARNING that you should be aware of any times when someone offers you FREE hosting for a period of time.

This is clearly where I came unstuck.

Anyway, through a very long — and protracted process — the content was eventually removed.

I also contacted the affiliate program manager too.

Of course, my rankings started increasing pretty quickly after that( as it was no longer viewed as the exact same content shown elsewhere).

There is nothing worse than finding out that your content has been stolen by someone else online.

In my case it was an ENTIRE blog…

…in other cases it can be an article, a video, an image etc.

Whatever, it is, it is something we put our heart and soul into.

The very essence of it makes me feel quite ill.

It is awful to know that someone else has benefited from your hard work, ideas and creativity.

To help fight the online thieves of the world, you’ve got to be well informed and prepared.

You just have to assume that these things will happen…

…and use preventative measures as much as possible.

You must know different steps to find out if your web content or article has been stolen.

It is also important to have a good comprehension of the laws, and evaluate if it’s worth your time to pursue.

It is ideal that you know exactly which actions to take to get the person to remove your content (bringing it back where it should belong- your site).

It is also crucial to think about the future – no one deserves to be a victim.

People can be very unscrupulous…it’s up to YOU to be pre-warned and proactive.

Tomorrow I will talk about what you can do yourself to find out if your content is being distributed online (and what to do about it if it is).

Have you had a similar experience?

Have you found your content being used by someone else online?

I’d love to hear about it, and so would my readers :O)




14 comments to How Someone Stole My Entire Blog And Put It On THEIR Hosting

  • Michelle Williams

    Hi, Colleen,

    Sorry to hear what happened. Unfortunately, there are times that it just goes to show that it actually “cost” something to get something supposedly “free” in return.

    There is usually some underlying factor in “free” and sometimes a person doesn’t find out until later. This mess can cost you not only time, but money as well.

    I’m so glad that you shared this and “fought” for what was rightfully yours. Hopefully that person has learned their lesson and won’t take anyone else for a ride!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Colleen

      Hi there Michelle,

      thanks for your comment, I have a feeling this person was very experienced at what he was doing and I wasn’t the only one.



  • Leon

    Hi Colleen….very interesting and shocking. Thank you for sharing this. I wish we could ‘gang up’ on all these nasty Imers…lol. I came across you a while back and have never forgotten the help n kindness you extended to me. For sure, your ‘special’ qualities are deserving much success. Big Hugs….XX

  • Janet Burvill

    Hi, Colleen.

    Sorry to hear that this happened to you but the experience you have shared makes me a little wiser – forewarned is forearmed.

    Look forward to reading your next blog.


    • Colleen

      Hello lovely Janet,

      Yes I thought it was worth sharing because I certainly never expected it to happen to me. Hacking is one thing, this is something else altogether.



  • What a terrible thing to happen to you! It was even worse to realise that what happened to you could also have happened to me. I usually I get a feeling with people whether they are to be trusted or not and fortunately it has not happened to me often that my feeling let me down. However with this internet business there are so many people that are untrustworthy without any form of ethics, that I find it very hard to trust any of them, especially because I do not really have indepth knowledge of computersystems. I have a couple of people I have put my trust in and I hope that they’ll prove in the end to be worthy of it!

    I wish you good business Colleen.

    • Colleen

      Dear Maria,

      yes that’s all you can do, trust that you’ve made the right decision with people. We do our best, I am still an extremely trusting person because that’s just my nature but it’s good to be forewarned.

      Kind regards


  • Chris Shearar

    Ouch !! There is an old saying “no such thing as a free lunch”. The scary thing is how does find out whether one’s site has been stolen? There’s a thought for some clever developer-how about it Colleen?

    • Colleen

      There sure is dear Chris. In my second post I will give you some tips and techniques about what you can do….

      Kind regards


  • Hi Colleen,

    Great post.

    I haven’t had the exact same experience, however, I have had several of my articles stolen or rather copied from some of my sites.

    Most of the time the article still had my name as the author, but not all the time. Sometimes whoever took the article substituted another name. Sometimes my article was on their site with no author named. It was not the same person all the times, or at least I don’t think it was since there were a lot of different sites involved over a period of time.

    Those articles were all on my sites and not ones I had submitted to article directories.

    So it does happen and unfortunately it usually is not worth it to pursue damages. Yes you can ask the person to take it off their site, but if it is on a lot of other sites or you have a lot of articles that has happened to it is probably not worth it.

    This was a few years ago, but If I checked some of the many hundreds of articles I have written and have on my sites now, I’ll bet money that some of the articles have been stolen and placed on other sites.

    But I will read the second half about this and see what you say about it.


    • Colleen

      @Charles, What a horrible experience for you, we are not alone clearly.

      Thanks for sharing your feedback, hope all is well.



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