Hello And Welcome To ColleenSlater.com

Hey there everyone,

I’m Colleen Slater and it’s taken me long enough but here is my blog — ColleenSlater.com

This is the place where I’ll be posting a lot of great information on a regular basis, sharing with you products I like or use personally, and what’s working for me this week.

Come back often because you’re going to love it.


Colleen (and Trixie) my beautiful grey baby Cockatiel parrot…..

4 comments to Hello And Welcome To ColleenSlater.com

  • Elke

    Glad to see you here. I’ve only recently begun following you and have appreciated the useful information in your newsletter. I am especially pleased with my purchase of Russ’s penny adwords product that you promoted on your last webinar – highly recommend for anyone else who might be considering it.


  • Tony

    Hi Colleen,

    Greetings from sunny San Jose CA. Just bought your Fiverr
    Bible and Confessions of a #1 Affiliate. Greatly enjoying
    and learning from both. I’m also a member ( though recently
    lapsed ) of Niche Blogging Institute. You and Andrew have been
    the most helpful as far as helping me with IM.

    Colleen, I’m more than ready to get my blog empire up and
    running ! I believe Firepow may be the most powerful way to
    leverage my time and energy in making that happen. The only reason I’m sitting on the fence is the whole keyword/domain
    thing. Seems a bit tricky – I’ve been studying this subject at length and I’m still confused.
    There’s a new paid keyword tool out called Niche Reaper ( I’m not an affiliate, BTW ) Andrew endorses it as well. What
    it does is, it spits out a huge amount of keywords per day related to their respective niches. The report shows you from
    low to medium to high for keyword competition. Niche Reaper
    has been enthusiastically received at Warrior Forum and elsewhere. It looks like it would be a perfect tool to use
    with Firepow. That, along with some $3-5 article writers I found on WF and a good article spinner. If there’s another
    indispensable tool I’ve left out please enlighten me ( I know
    there are others I can use but I just want to get the main work
    done for now ) . I like Elite Niche Research but it still
    requires more time that I would rather spend on blog building/
    article marketing/traffic generation.

    So, Dear Lady, what are your thoughts on the plan I’ve laid out here ? I greatly value your opinion and welcome any
    feedback you care to share.


    Tony Sheppard

    • Colleen


      Dear Tony that sounds like a great strategy, i still generally just stick to GKT, traffic travis and market samurai, they seem to do the trick for me, but sounds like a great plan Tony, thanks for sharing


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