Google Is On The Warpath – Two Things You Must Do Today

Google Farmer Update – Read This Urgently

You’ve probably heard a lot about the latest Google Slap.

You may have already started suffering from it.

It’s a pretty wide ranging slap this time…covering article marketers and autobloggers

If you haven’t started suffering yet you may.

Thankfully all my google rankings are still holding on strong but I have to admit my
articles in that were ranking high in Google – Some of them have had
a massive kick up the backside, there’s no two ways about it…..while others are still
holding steady.

A lot of marketers are in pain right now and it has never been more clearer that you HAVE
to — NOT SHOULD — but you have to have your hands in multiple pieces of pie to maintain
or reach the income levels you need.

As you probably know I gave up working in my normal day job over a year ago now and it
has totally transformed my life and my SOUL.

This is what we all work hard for – and if you get the right training and are persistent and
consistent you can also be living this DREAM lifestyle.

But the latest Google slap has been hard felt by marketers worldwide.

I was getting questions from people worldwide:

  • My article account has been suspended what do I do?
  • My articles have been deleted, should I give up now?
  • My sites have all been deindexed, can I get them back?
  • Google hates everything I do, is there hope for me?

So I did weeks of research and slept very little and created two MUST HAVE reads for any internet marketer who has been negatively impacted by the Google Farmer Update and the result is RAVE REVIEWS worldwide.

Google Farmer Update Must Read #1 – Google Farmer Update Revenge – if you’re a bum marketer then you need this marketing how to guide.  Not only will you find out everything you need to know about the Google Farmer Update, you’ll also learn what sites are the winners, what sites are the losers, and the best strategies that will work now as a result of this algorithm change.

Google Farmer Update Must Read #2 – Google Dominatrix – Yes, I had fun with this title and also with the product.  If your sites have been affected by Google Farmer Update then this is for you.  There are 34 modules which include pdf guides, mindmaps, checklists, expert interviews and more.  If you struggle to get your sites to the top of Google then you need this.  If you struggle to get sales from your sites you need Google Dominatrix.  Google Dominatrix is a one of a kind how to package to get the positive attention of Google and keep it for the long term — the best way to create the ultimate long term business model.  You’ll learn everything you need to know about spot on, rank moving on page and off page seo tips and will get some fantastic discounts on some of my popular packages at