Google Farmer Update Hits The UK

The Google Farmer Update Launches In The UK

While Google Panda hit the US in February it’s been slow to impact other sites worldwide — until now.

Google Farmer
has now hit the UK and there have been some real shocks as a result. has been hit as hard as was hit in terms of visibility in the search engines.

A site known as (a point of interest site) has lost 96 percent of its visibility which is a real annihilation.

Price comparison shopping sites have also been affected including which is apparently in a lawsuit with Google.  I guess no surprises there.

Hubpages has also been affected in the uk just as it has in the US (I only recently had one of my hubs deleted because of something they didnt like on the hub — hint — focus on adding the content on your own sites and be wary of putting too much time into web 2.0 sites.

Fact – I’ve had youtube videos deleted because (I assume competitors) have complained about something with one of my videos — travis sago of course had his world famous ex back video deleted by youtube.)

Fact – I have had a usfreeads account blocked because of so called complaints from other webmasters – thankfully the ads are still there but I can’t access the account).

Buzzle apparently has been hit in the UK also, but to be honest I have seen some of my buzzle articles still ranking high in

Checked out ezinearticles lately?  What a different display of ads there!! has lost a whopping 95 percent of its seo visibility online.

However, all the news isn’t bad for a handful of sites.

Ebay in the UK is flourishing as a result as is  The sites I also mention in my Google Farmer Update Revenge are still flourishing in the UK as they have been in the US.  If you haven’t yet got Google Farmer Update Revenge you can find out about it here — the UK winners are the same as the ones I list here

From my searches in the forum the consensus is the same.  Neglected thin sites of webmasters have suffered generally speaking while oft forgotten sites that were created in the first place the way google intended are flourishing and really flying up the search engines……I’ve had insane increases in search engine rankings for some of my sites.  These are sites I’d pretty much completely neglected, not added any content to it years but had followed my best practices for ultimately what google wants.  I spilled the beans in Google Dominatrix — over 600 sold — if you haven’t got it yet make sure you grab it because my methods work pre Google Panda and post Google Panda

I’ve also heard that Google is doing more manual reviews of websites than just relying on its algorithims in the past so pull your socks off, give Google exactly what it wants in the nicest possible way and you will be rewarded both now and for the long term!






6 comments to Google Farmer Update Hits The UK

  • Wendy Owen

    Hi Colleen, the link in your email was broken so got here through copy & paste.
    What you said about putting content on your own sites first makes so much sense. I have recently gone back to doing that. Then I change the content slightly and submit elsewhere.
    One thing that puzzles me a bit is why is Google doing this country by country? If they are so omnipotent, why not blast everyone at the same time?

    Thanks for your post

  • Martin

    Thank you for such an interesting insight from a UK perspective.

    Keep the information coming and by the way Google Dominatrix is an excellent piece of work which I know you must have worked very hard and long to produce so quickly.

  • Roger Mac

    It is true that Google are doing manual reviews. I’ve been speaking with one of the Google Employees in Ireland about one of my sites, and am currently working on making that content better. It’s all about “User Experience”. I’ve heard that thousands of times since Panda hit the world.

  • Colleen

    @grants for women,

    yes, i’ve had the same thing, bad news for eza but good news for quality sites.


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