Google Farmer Update – Google’s Current Views On Article Marketing

Hi everyone,

I’ve just watched a really interesting video from Matt Cutts of Google about Google’s views on article marketing.

The news for article marketers isn’t good.  Click play below….

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Article marketing as we’ve been taught for so long and profited from is no longer the way that Google wants us to use articles any longer.

If you haven’t yet downloaded my Google Farmer Update Revenge then you need to look at what’s included asap – – so that you can implement some of these strategies immediately.  It’s sold more than 100 copies so far and has gotten some rave reviews.  In fact, Russ Ruffino was kind enough to say that he thought I should release something like this EVERY time there’s a Google algorithm change~

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Bum marketers now have to become much smarter and diverse marketers if we’re to redeem our previous rankings.  I’ve already seen the one or few hubs that I’ve had disappear from anywhere decent on Google.

So implement some of my strategies in my Google Farmer Update Revenge today, think of some new ones — marketing with a twist is just around the corner.




11 comments to Google Farmer Update – Google’s Current Views On Article Marketing

  • Hello Colleen,

    Yeah, I just watched that video last night. Did you see the one about having keywords in the domain, too?

    What a changing industry we work in.

    I just took up your WSO, and am looking forward to it.

  • Kater

    Hi Colleen,

    Where is Matt’s video. Did I misread your email?

  • Fred | Golden Rule Internet Marketing

    Hi Colleen,

    Thank you for taking us into the inner sanctum of Big G! I’ve subscribed to their YouTube channel, which I didn’t even know existed.

    Please don’t take offense to what I’m going to “say” next because I mean it as a compliment… it’s great to see you becoming more visible in the IM arena. You bring an honest and refreshing online presence that is sorely needed right now.

    Take care,

    Fred S.

    • Colleen

      Dear Fred that’s such a lovely thing to say.

      You know, it’s all self confidence. I’ve probably gone through the last couple of years thinking people aren’t interested with what I have to say, or that my knowledge or expertise isn’t valuable. But I think it’s been with the launch of two very successful warrior special offers this year and people approaching me to do JVs etc that I’ve suddenly thought, Colleen, you’re wrong == some people are VERY INTERESTED. I’m not here to rip people off and I think people feel that. And I hope by making people feel that I’m approachable and know where they’re coming from it makes the journey into IM a little easier.

      Thanks so much for your compliment. It’s truly made my day. If I can reach one person on any given day and give them a little hope it’s all worth it in the end — as corny as that sounds.



  • sergio

    Is there any possibility that you post the sacrosant video that you are yalking about Colleen? So we can watch it and understand what you are saying.
    Thank you.

  • Tony

    I can’t find a link to Matt’s video?
    Thanks Tony

  • I think it’s time we started to recognise that the internet as we know it is going to change, and the spammy websites are going to get slowly ground out of existence. I know they won’t go down without a fight and it will take some time but their days are numbered.

    It will hurt some of us too as we get caught in the crossfire but change always bring a little pain.

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