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Forever Affiliate Website

I hope you are having a wonderful day. It is a beautiful Sunday morning here in Sydney. My oldest daughter is going to the movies and I’m going to go and spend the day with my younger 7 year old daughter to give her some special love and attention.

Before I do I wanted to talk to you about affiliate marketing in 2013 for a bit.

I’ve been marketing since 2005 now, gee that REALLY feels like forever now and there have been so many changes – it’s
really scary stuff.

The days when you threw up a website with one page and ranked on google are well and truly gone.
But you know what, in some ways things are actually easier if you know what you are doing.

Quite a number of years ago I came across a fellow Aussie named Andrew Hansen. I call him Andy as I’ve known him so long.

Anyway, he first became known as an internet marketer when he was in his early 20s with the release of his product called Niche Marketing On Crack.

It was so well received that it pretty much instantly catapulted Andy to a great reputation and following as far as internet marketing goes.

A few years back he released the blogging software known as Firepow and then more recently he released Unstoppable Affiliate.

In February 2013 his new release known as Forever Affiliate was released.

Now Andy very rarely releases courses, maybe once every one or two years, but when he does you know that it’s something quality.

Now I am a member of Forever Affiliate and have been steadily going through the video course since then.

There is no doubt about it that Andy, as usual, really has his fingers on the pulse of marketing, especially in 2013.

Rather than talking the talk Forever Affiliate actually walks the walk as he shows some actual sites of his that he is working on right now and what has worked in making them profitable.

In the video above you’ll see inside my Forever Affiliate membership. At the moment it’s on a special 10 day introductory price and I believe it will be increasing in the near future.

The membership area is very easy to follow and Andy makes it easier by having a welcome video and guiding you through the membership.

What I particularly love is the fact that underneath each video there is a pdf transcript so you can learn the way you like – either visually or by reading.

My favourite is reading.

Inside the membership are three videos that give you a great overview of the Forever Affiliate course.

The Forever Affiliate course has actually been designed for you to copy exactly what Andrew does every step of the way. In fact, you are actually encouraged to create a new site from scratch with the Forever Affiliate techniques as you go through the course.

This is a good thing.

Now there are three phases inside or 3 steps.

Phase One is all about initial research before you start your site. This will help prove market viability.

Phase Two is about testing and validation. Here are fundamental strategies such as content, layout, appearance and early search strategy.

Phase Three is all about expansion – about expanding on your business model for maximum profits.

As a special bonus there is access to a bonus video about Andrew’s most profitable niches

Are there any upsells?

In fairness I should indicate that they are.

There is the option to add Forever Affiliate coaching to your membership.

This is a great add on for people who lack motivation or need some extra focus and handholding. Additionally you will continue to get coaching from Andrew until you reach your first $1000.00

There is also the option to get access to the written materials included in the coaching without the actual coaching itself.

Forever Affiliate is really up to the minute with strategies that are working right now.

It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee but at the end of the day I don’t believe many people will take advantage of that as the course is that top notch.




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