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This week I've had the pleasure of connecting with a very successful marketer, Bill Guthrie.

I saw that he was releasing a new Facebook course (every one he releases usually sells in the thousands) and I wanted to check it out for myself to see what it was REALLY like before the buzz and fanfare of his launch.

Now, just in the way of background, I have bought many Facebook courses in the last year.

So, to be honest, I wasn't expecting anything really different from his course called FB Classroom.

It was kinda like, yeah, okay, let's suss this out and see if I learn anything I haven't seen before.

So....did I learn anything?

You betcha I did.

I'm going to tell you ALLLLLL about it :O)

If you want something that has the potential to make you FOUR or FIVE figures income for you next week...you're looking at it, I say this in all seriousness.

As you read this, there are internet marketers making $100,000.00 per month or more with this system.

I haven't yet started myself but what I am sharing with you today has *inspired* me to do so asap!

Why, do you ask?

Because some of the results that people are getting after creating these type of campaigns are nothing short of astonishing....

I spoke to a friend of mine on Skype just this week and he told me he had spent $50 and had made $1200.00 -- in days!  He started a campaign January 15 that ran for 2 weeks and made $5500.00!

That return on investment is through the roof.

If you've ever been on Facebook you've bound to have seen campaigns for t-shirts.

Yes, that's what I'm talking about today....getting paid a small fortune for selling t-shirts (all created for you by the guys at Teespring, totally hands-free)....

Many marketers are calling it the easiest way to make money online-- and it's easy to see why.

Yes, there have been other courses about Teespring...

...But the beauty of THIS method I'm going to share with you today is that you don't even need a Facebook page to pull this off.

If you are looking for a way to receive a nice cash injection very fast, then this is for you.

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FB Classroom was a real eye-opener for me, and at a price below $7 to start, I recommend you grab it, clear away your desk, and absorb every word of it....TODAY!

Part 1 - You'll learn all about finding profitable niche topics in seconds

Part 2 - You'll learn about preparation and, in particular, how to get started without a website and without a built up facebook page (this makes for a quicker start for you)

Part 3 - You'll learn about launching your first campaign (you'll be able to get started this week :O).

Part 4 - Once you have your first successful campaign up your pulse is going to be racing. In part four you'll learn what to do next, how to sell tshirts if you already have a page, engaging your fans and more ways to make money (You'll love all these tips).

Part 5 - Everyone's favourite...scaling it up...How to make bigger profits faster.

*** And once you see the bonuses I'm giving you today when you buy FB Classroom today (crazy $6.95 starting price!!!), you will have the edge over everyone else buying it today, because I've done a truck load of research already for

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You'll be able to go through it with ease...

NOTE:  I also bought the training videos and HIGHLY recommend that you do too...they're very short and sweet but Will will show you how to everything...

pick a niche

choose a design

set up your Teespring account

set up your Teespring campaign

what to put in your Facebook ad

how to set up your Facebook ad


Will and Bill suggest that if you follow all they teach in FB Classroom you could get your first sale within 6 hours of your ad going live!

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You'll be able to go through it with ease...

...You'll also be able to model everything they do thanks to all the wonderful screenshots inside :O)

I personally had two giant “Ah-Ha” moments while going through it:

#1 – People are WASTING TIME building out Facebook Pages that they aren’t positive will make money from Day 1 (Bill & WIll reveal their process).

Guess what?

You don't even have to build out ANY Facebook pages to get started with this method:O). I loved that!

#2 – You can TEST your way to financial freedom by running “money campaigns” instead of “like campaigns” ($40,995.12 in revenue in last 30 days!)

See, most Facebook courses teach you about getting likes to your pages.

THIS Facebook course is all about getting people to BUY. And buy them they do....In the truckloads.

Have a look at some of these pics:


The beauty of it is the MORE tshirts you sell, the higher your commission!

This is what sets FB Classroom apart from anything else I've seen related to Teespring so far.

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Bill and Will are the real deal, and this is perfect for ANYONE involved in Facebook marketing...or not!

...It's also perfect for ANYONE looking for a small effort for a BIG return.

And considering Teespring takes care of everything for you...it's very stress free also.

Newbies will find it easy to understand, and more experienced marketers will get plenty of “reveals” into a Facebook process that is crushing it every day.

We are at the beginning of something big…don’t miss this train before it pulls out of the station!

Due to the real ingenuity in this course I give it 4.8 stars out of 5. There were a few gaps but my bonuses have filled those in for you, making it even easier for you to get started today....

So don't delay....click here to download FB Classroom and check out your gift BELOW from me today when you download FB Classroom right now!

PS:  You will get the chance to access some fantastic video tutorials after your initial purchase.  I bought them yesterday without hesitation...and I'm SO glad I did....as it goes through everything including picking a niche, designing your tshirt, setting up your campaign in teespring, creating your ad in facebook (including the wording to use and the best graphic to use) and also bidding.  Nothing is left unturned.  Add it to your purchase as soon as you can :O)


¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ Colleen


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Buzz T-Shirt Campaigns

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The Best Niches For Teespring

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Another Goldmine Within Facebook

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Top 10 Places To Sell Tshirts Online

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Lots of love,

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