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#1: Over 160,000 compromised WP sites were recently used in one DDOS attack

#2: Google has blacklisted over 11,000 malware-infected WordPress domains, in otherwords, no more traffic for them, and over 100,000 sites in total have been affected by a new malware campaign...

#3: FBI Warn WP Users: Patch WordPress or face IS attacks

#4: 1 million sites imperiled by dangerous bug in WordPress plugin

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I've had websites online since 2005 and I have been hacked MANY times.

The cost to me each time?

  • Around $1500.00 to have a security specialist find where the hole was and to fix it
  • I lost all my Google search engine traffic as my sites were blacklisted
  • I almost lost my hosting account because almost all the sites on one of my hosting accounts were infected
  • And of course all the money I was making from these sites stopped IMMEDIATELY

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Hacked Websites Are Mostly Exploited For Profit Or Used As Tools...See below...

Blog Defender is a TOP level force against hacker attacks.  Just ONE tip could prevent your blogs getting hacked.

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