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A lot of Amazon affiliates struggle to build profitable

This problem is especially frustrating to those that have
purchased Amazon software and/or strategies that are
supposed to be helping them.

The real problem here isn’t the software or even the
strategies – it is how you use them in the real world.

You may already have all of the pieces that you need to
succeed, but you may simply lack a complete strategy
that will tie everything together.

Today is the day all of that changes for you.

No matter what Amazon software you own or how many different
ways you have tried to build a successful website, you can
choose to abandon all of that failure today and finally
embrace a complete solution that you can depend on for years
into the future.

That solution is the Azon Home Study Course – a complete,
12-step process to build profitable Amazon affiliate sites
over and over again, created by an Amazon affiliate of
nine years standing — Ryan Stevenson.

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Who is Ryan Stevenson?

Well, chances are you’ve bought one of this bestselling
Amazon plugins prior to this (yes he has a computer science
background)…but what you probably don’t know is that he
first started making money online at the age of 13 — and
has been a successful Amazon affiliate for nine years and
counting — no mean feat, I can tell you that!

‘Nuf about Ryan….

…What exactly is the Azon Home Study Course?

A successful, long-term Amazon affiliate, my mate Ryan
Stevenson, recently held a live coaching event to teach others
his exact Amazon income strategy.

When you combine Ryan’s knowledge of Amazon as an affiliate
and a programmer, he is truly someone to take notice of.

Anyway, getting back to this live event that he held…

…During this event, he actually built a full Amazon affiliate
website live right in front of his students so that they
could follow his EVERY move (by the way, this site is doing
quite nicely, thank you very much).

Now given the level of detail, it’s understandable that
the price tag to attend this event was as high as $798 per
person, and the 100+ people that attended thought it was a
steal at that price for everything they learned and received
with the coaching.

Here are some comments these students have shared:

“Ryan’s class was by far my best interne marketing training
in the 4 plus years that I have been working on internet

“By far the BEST money I have invested…you won’t find
another teacher like Ryan”.

“I have taken Ryan’s class two times — it was THAT good!”

“This is by far he most thorough program for understanding the
entre process of planning, building and understanding an
Amazon affiliate site that I have ever taken”.

“I took the class and it was worth every penny – you won’t find
another teacher like Ryan”.

Impressive praise, to say the least.

That event was recorded and is now available for you as a home
study course at a *fraction* of the price of the live training…

…When I say *fraction*, I mean at a 95 percent discount.

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The entire series is comprised of 12 classes.

Each of the 12 classes has an ebook guide that is between
20 and 40 pages long.

There is also HD video recording for each of the 12 classes
from the live training.

These videos are an over-the-shoulder look at the entire site
building process, so you get to soak up every bit of this
priceless strategy – nothing is left out here.

In the training, 5 Amazon WordPress plugins were used to help
build the website which you have the option of using also.

Don’t worry, Ryan shows you how to make best use of them all
to result in more Amazon commissions.

Now Ryan is a practical and very organised man and that’s why
he has created 3 diferent options for the next three days only
which I will detail below. These have been designed for
various learning styles and budgets.

Option 1 (AZON MASTER BASIC): If money is tight and you prefer
to learn only via pdf, you can just get the ebooks from this
series with the first option.

Option 2 (AZON MASTER PRO): This includes all the ebooks
and the 12 in depth video tutorials (perfect if you are a
visual learner).

Option 3 (AZON MASTER EXPERT): If you want it all – the ebooks,
videos and plugins – go for option 3. You’ll be able to
follow along and use the exact plugins that Ryan uses in his
brand new site. (Developer rights are included so you can
use these on client sites and/or any sites you flip).

Click here to get started

If that’s not enough, you will also get 3 amazing bonuses with your purchase of the Azon Home Study Course (any of the 3

options include these bonuses).

Bonus #1 – Learn to manage your website and basic web design skills
like HTML and CSS with this complete ‘techie’ training series.
5 ebooks (20+ page each) and 5 videos (2-3 hours each)
are included with this essential training series.

Bonus #2 – The second bonus is a 2-part training series for a
free but incredibly powerful WordPress theme that is used to
build the website in the Azon Home Study Course.

You’ll learn how to use this theme to build a custom website for any
situation. Includes 2 training videos (2-3 hours each).

Bonus #3 – The final bonus is a motivational training video
(1hr 45m) from the creator of the Azon Home Study Course.
He teaches you how he stays motivated and focused
with his online work. After all, you don’t get a boss telling you what
to do and when to do it in this industry – you either
motivate yourself to work or you don’t make money.

My conclusion about the Azon Home Study Course:

This is the absolute best and most comprehensive Amazon affiliate
training course of the entire year for Amazon affiliates bar none
due to the detail and level of training involved.

Ryan is a real amazon affiliate veteran and expert of nine years.
Without this knowledge, you’ll get left behind by other affiliates, so
make sure you don’t miss this.

Now there are certain niches and products that Ryan loves promoting –
he reveals it inside his training.

So I’ve been hard at work creating a bonus that ties in *perfectly*
with what Ryan does.

Are you ready for it?


Top 100 Bestsellers
Top 100 Top Rated
Top 100 Hot New Releases
Top 100 Movers And Shakers
Top 100 Most Wished For
Top 100 Most Gifted


Top 100 research for the following categories:

Top 100 Bestsellers
Top 100 Top Rated
Top 100 Hot New Releases
Top 100 Movers And Shakers
Top 100 Most Wished For
Top 100 Most Gifted

Cleaning Supplies
Heating, Cooling, Air Quality
Home Decor
Irons & Steamers
Kids Home Store
Kitchen & Dining
Seasonal Decor
Storage And Organization
Vacuums And Floor Care
Wall Decor


Top 100 Research into the top Bedding brands in the US:

Blancho Bedding
Blowout Bedding
Egyptian Bedding
sweet jojo designs


Top 100 Bestsellers
Top 100 Hot New Releases
Top 100 Movers & Shakers
Top 100 Most Gifted
Top 100 Most Wished For


Accessories And Spare Parts
Arts And Crafts
Homeware And Furniture
Kitchen And Dining
Kitchen And Home Appliances
Large Appliances


Research into the following top bedding brands in the UK:
Catherine Lansfield
Bedding Online
Linens Limited
Homemaker Bedding

This is truly an incredible amount of research and a value
packed bonus if you choose to do Ryan’s Amazon Home Study
Course. It’s in one of his favourite niches. It is also
one of the niches that Ryan delves right into in his course.
So you really will have a valuable advantage over any other
members and will help you fast track your success with it.
Here’s all you need to do to get it:

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Log into your JVzoo account; click on my purchases; click 

on Amazon Home Study Course and you will see my bonus right
on that page for you to download :O).

This 72 hour discount is just TOO good to pass up.

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Lots Of Love,


PS – The Azon Home Study Course is ONLY available at a discounted
price from Black Friday until Cyber Monday (that’s just 72 hours),
so quickly grab a copy for yourself through the link below before
the prices double. The 3 bonus training series will also disappear
at the end of Cyber Monday.



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