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Listen, you have seen a lot of courses showing you how to make money online.

Telling you to do this, and that and never quite giving you the results you are after.

Well, if that sounds like the spot you are in you will LOVE this.

>>>Chris Jones, creator of Azon Kickstart, has a new course and this one will blow your socks off.

What Makes This Special Is It's All OVER THE SHOULDER....

  • This is to help you get sales as soon as possible by taking action

  • To let you see Chris actually do it so you're inspired

  • To see in realtime a blog grow, bring in traffic AND sales

  • To get a masterplan advising them what to do to get results, how many sites to build...

It is called ‘Azon Follow Me’...

...and what it is quite simply is a complete course that will allow you to watch over Chris’ shoulder as he builds his amazon affiliate site completely from scratch...

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You will actually see a PROFITABLE site setup from scratch and you will receive THREE masterplans:

  • One for beginners

  • One for people that want FASTER results

  • One Chris simply calls the Madman Masterplan :)

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You will see:

The Research – Chris shows you how he picked the niche for the site and what things he looks at on Amazon to make sure it is profitable.

Keywords – You will see keyword research broken down and made super easy for the site and then you can do this yourself.

Set Up: You will see EXACTLY how to set the sites up to give the best chance of ranking and also make sure you are in line with Google’s mysterious rules.

Call to Action – Your site needs to sell and Chris – shows you how to do this without being salesy!

SEO – SEO made simple – if you have worried about SEO, stressed about it and are not sure what works this breaks it all down and gives you something that you can implement on your sites with ease!

Masterplan – You will also get 3 different plans to follow that show you how to get fast results.

>>>For everything laid out for you and to see how it is done you just need to follow along here

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