Amazon Is Begging For California Affiliates To Come Back

Amazon Is Begging For California Affiliates To Come Back

Very recently I received an email from a lovely subscriber by the name of Kaye who was VERY excited to share the news she had recently received that California affiliates are wanted back by Amazon.

To avoid any confusion or misunderstanding, I’ll paste what she sent to me below:


As you may have heard, California Governor Jerry Brown has signed legislation
repealing the law that had forced us to terminate our California Associates. We are
pleased to invite all California Associates whose accounts were closed due to the
prior legislation to re-enroll in the Associates Program.

If you haven’t already re-enrolled, please click here:

When asked to sign in, please use the same email address and password that were
previously associated with your Associates account.  To make your return to the
Program as seamless as possible, when you re-enroll, your account settings (login,
Associates ID, payment information, etc.) will be the same as they were previously.

For further information about re-enrollment, please click here:

Best Regards,

The Amazon Associates Team

I’m working hard behind the scenes to set up the Amazon Treasure Chest on Clickbank but I’m thinking with this massive pick me up boost that I might release it for a short period prior to that at a cheaper price,

What are YOUR thoughts on this latest development and would you like to see a re-release of my Amazon Treasure Chest soon??



7 comments to Amazon Is Begging For California Affiliates To Come Back

  • Joe Weaver

    Yes I would like to see a re-release of Amazon Treasure Chest. I missed it when it was a WSO.

  • DJ


    I came across your Amazon youtube video and was interested originally in finding away to get cash back / credit for the tons of purchasing my companies do through amazon each month.
    I just found out that I can not order through my own affiliate site as per amazons policy, so I was wondering if you would be interested in about 2-10k a month of purchases to go through your link. You can correct me if im wrong, but I believe as long as I am not going through my own link it will be ok? I figure that it would be much better that someone gets the affiliate commissions than no one.

  • Derek

    Hi Colleen,

    I’m setting up an affiliate site and was going to primarily market through Amazon, so this is good news. But what happens next year, is Amazon just going to terminate again?



    • Colleen

      @Derek, i can’t predict the future but just make sure your sites are easily changeable if they do, ie different affiliate programs, monetization methods etc



  • Peter

    I have a habit of studying business models.

    I guarantee you Google will soon be begging for Panda slapped IMers to “come back”.

    The less observed aspect of the latest Pandamonium is in the area of academia. I love science and regularly read science blogs and pages from all corners of science. The very week that Panda hit, a great many of those very high quality academic websites, pages and posts went missing forever.

    So much for user intent.

    Well its gonna reverse. Their business model can’t survive a missguess and mu guess is they will have to invite everybody back or lose money.

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