Am I Crazy? My Biggest IM New Year’s Resolution Will Surprise You

Hi there, it’s great to be writing this at the start of 2012.  A new year always holds with it so much hope and excitement, with new goals and dreams.

I thought long and hard about what worked and what didn’t work for me in 2011.

I was and still am surprised at the success of my WSO releases in 2011.  I can be a bit of a sensitive creature and to run WSOS you have to naturally grow quite a thick skin because the insults and refunds will always come – no matter how great you think your product is lol.

I am so very grateful for having been awarded two WSOS of the Day last year and I will continue to work hard to put out the best quality products I can in 2012.  You won’t see a new release from me every week or even every month BUT when I’ve worked hard behind the scenes to create a quality product at a reasonable price you’ll hear from me — chances are you’ll probably count them on one hand in 2012.  If you have any particular topics that you’d love me to create products on just leave your comment below.

Okay, so what didn’t work for me in 2011.  This was a really painful decision because I know a lot of people were depending on me in a very big way.

In 2011 I went into hiring outsourcers in quite a big way, at one stage I had 10 and towards the end of the year I had cut it back to about five.

Now I have one – my wordpress assistant to help with wordpress review theme support.

It was a really heartbreaking decision to me because these people were really relying on me but while they were all incredibly loyal and hard working I just don’t have the personality or the drive to be able to manage them.

Not only did I have the additional expense of their weekly costs but I actually lost probably four times that amount in lost productivity.

WHY?  Aren’t assistants supposed to give you more time?

That’s the idea behind it yes but in my particular case I had to set tasks for five to ten people every single day.

Then I would get messages on skype from all of them throughout the day.

Then I would have to help solve problems they were having throughout the day.

More often than not by the end of every single day that was all I had achieved.

And I was absolutely exhausted, overwhelmed and totally underperforming in every single way.

I have told each and every one of them that I will contact them if I have a project for them to run but as much as I would have liked to, I am just not the type of person to be able to cope with setting tasks for multiple VAs and managing them every single day.  It took me about eight long months to figure that out — yes, I’m slow I know — but with the new year drawing closer I knew in my heart it was a decision that I had to make both for myself and for my online business.

I’d love to hear your New Year’s IM resolutions — just reply below to share them with me and others, and also any topics you would like covered in my WSOs this year.

Love as always,



36 comments to Am I Crazy? My Biggest IM New Year’s Resolution Will Surprise You

  • Annerly King

    I know exactly what you mean Colleen, outsourcing is not as simple as people think. I use it mainly for content writing. But then I’m probably not quite as “full time” as you are.
    Sometimes it’s good just to have yourself and your family to worry about!


  • Shaun

    Hey Colleen

    Wow what an honest and frank admission…so refreshing than the BS how peeps go on holiday wwhile their
    outsources make them a fortune.

    Because I have swallowed all the BS….i am sitting here thinking why didn’t you speak to a guru who would tell you how to use these peeps efficiently….see that is a naive thought……whereas yours is real world stuff Thanks for your honesty.

    If you have anyone who is good with setting up sites for offline businesses let me know.

    I may only be able to pay so much up front and then the remainder on completion.
    I have to decide on pricing i really want a win, win situation for me and my prospective clients.


    would like to do some eHteiguys gt

    • Colleen

      @Shaun, hey there shaun, thanks very much.

      i can’t help you shaun but perhaps have a look at the warrior for hire section of the warrior forum.

      good luck with it



  • Peter

    Now you just know that everyone is going to drool over your website design here. I did anyway and statistically that means 11 other people will too!

    My New Year’s resolutions are as follows:

    – wash my dishes
    – stop Planet-X in its tracks
    – make money as an Amazon affiliate
    – send a get well card to Google’s fiduciary accountability team
    – start my own search engine
    – keep plugging away (yes there’s a double entendre thing happening there)

    • Colleen

      @Peter, thanks for your feedback and kind words about the theme design Pete, I really wanted it to reflect me and my personality and i think it does. I might send an email out in the near future promoting the theme designer, he truly does awesome work and I’m happy to have people ddrooling at it.

      love your get well card lol

      good luck to you pete



  • Mark

    Happy new year Colleen!

    Well, I don’t think you’re crazy 🙂 there are some that just don’t do well managing others. However I do think it has a lot to do with how you manage the outsourcers and the rules you set up to make the experience work well for you.

    Personally, my life has changed with outsourcing and at first had the same challenges you did. It drove me nuts being contacted on skype, google and email at all times of the day and night (because of the time differences).

    So I set up some rules as to how and when I expect them to contact me, submit projects, etc. That worked surprising well.

    I also was completely overwhelmed in keeping track of everything including the projects, files, outsourcers, pay details, etc, so first started tracking it all in spreadsheets, but that didn’t work well after doing a few projects.

    So then I created a software app that manages all these details. Now I can manage all the specifics of my outsourcing projects in one place, find anything I need in seconds and am confident in my business and outsourcing. I really think good organization has made a huge difference for me in my being to handle it all – and feel good about it 🙂

    Thanks for sharing and all the best Colleen!

  • Hi Colleen;

    I too tried to have multiple assistants about a year and half ago, and it wore me out. I was less productive, and seemed to be putting out so many fires it wasn’t worth the effort.

    I think it is a wise decision when something doesn’t work stop doing it. You never know you may find you go back to the VAs like you said for projects and as you do you develop a process that works for all, and not bogs you down.

    Happy New Year, Much success in 2012.


  • Anjine

    No New Year’s resolutions, but what you said about outsourcing really hit home.

    I don’t have the personality it takes to manage a team in that way, either. But I keep hearing people say, “Do it! Do it!”

    I was dragging my feet about jumping in. I didn’t really want to but thought I “should”.

    Reading your post gave me permission to exhale and just do what feels right for me.

    Thank you so much!

  • Bob

    Hi Colleen –

    I think my resolution for this year, as hard as it is, may be to cut out affiliate marketing from my IM arsenal, and concentrate on the one site and model that IS making me money – ecommerce / dropshipping (and possibly create more of these).

    I put in so much work and expense over the last couple of years making all these “sniper” affiliate sites, and have made maybe $200 – $300 with them – total. That’s it.

    My one ecommerce site (almost 3 years old), on the other hand, had revenue of around $13,000 last year, has doubled and even tripled it’s revenues each year, and has made $1200 – $1500/mo. each of the last 5 months straight (and continues to grow). There’s more work with ecommerce, but I can’t see wasting any more time with piddly earning affiliate marketing anymore, especially post-panda. Ecommerce sites rank easier and pay far more commissions – so why fight it! 🙂

    Have a great year!

    • Colleen

      @Bob, hey there, bob, though that’s disappointing i’m glad something is working for you. that’s great, maybe you could create a wso about it.

      if it’s working don’t fix it



  • Bill Urell

    So funny you posted this at this time. I just hired my first outsourcer last week and am ecstatic. Thanks to you and Jan Roos, I am finally making money at Amazon, but my one man show hit a glass ceiling at 20 sites. I couldn’t keep up, I decided to get help.

    I see there are some drawbacks to having a large crew, but I’m not there yet.

    I really enjoy teaching and found I have a knack for setting up systems. I spent about two weeks prior to the hire organizing my priorities (listing jobs I hate to do), defining the job position, making training videos, etc. it forced me to analyze, and focus on my business. I now have a personal business plan and timetable in place for the first time. I also realized how unproductive I was being and tightened up.

    I plan on creating my first product this year. Guess what it will be? How to ramp up your Amazon business to the next I am documenting all my systems and training material.

    I have been a loyal customer for years, and thanks to you and a very few other leaders have been able to move my 9-5 job from full time to partial retirement. My goal this year is to quit, manage my online business full time and take an around the world cruise. I hear Australia is a nice place to visit.

    Bill Urell

  • David

    Hi Colleen.

    I too enjoy hearing from someone on the other side of the fence. I am considering outsourcing and am pretty much convinced that having a good VA is the only way I will be able to make any money worth speaking of.

    I would be interested to know if you hired your team on your own or if you used someone’s system, such as the one that John Jonas has on the market with all the guidelines and trainings for your outsourcers.


    • Colleen

      @David, I hired my own with specific tasks but if you don’t have tasks ready for the day or week for a lot of people and you scramble to find some it can be exhausting, i obviously didn’t do it very well but it’s not for me right now



  • jude

    thanks colleen,

    loved reading it. always suspected there was a “catch” but now you’ve just spilled the beans!

    all the best,


  • hi coolen, i’m on GALAU
    i was have resolution, thant i want make money with GA, but yesterday my account is banned. now i will build new resolutions again

  • hagar

    Hi Colleen!
    we were talking about this very subject on skype today; and several folks said the same..that while outsourcers can help greatly, it’s sometimes very difficult to convey exactly what you want – or expect.
    Some have said they were very successful at it – once they had created checklists and training videos, and worked through several versions of workers before they found ones they could work with.
    Adding folks to a business is never easy; managing them “by wire” is much harder. One guy said he finally hired a VA to manage his VA’s LOL.
    Think you made the right decision; at the end, you have to do what works for you – and making your own decisions hasn’t worked out too sad so far, has it? (grin)
    Good for you!

    • Colleen

      @hagar, hey there lovely man, yes it’s interesting isn’t it. you’ve got to devote your time where it works for you and clearly it wasn’t working for me in the way it should LOL


      colleen xx

  • Great post Colleen, I’ve often thought that myself when I’ve considered outsourcing. What about the management? When you read most of the advice / recommendations / products about outsourcing they rarely give you an insight into how to manage it (Except for a product by another respected Warrior named PG … I’ll leave it to you Colleen if you want to elaborate on that). Most people think it is a “ticket” to a deck chair in the tropics, while your “team” do all the work. Well that ain’t how it happens as far as I can make out. Apart from the management skills, you also need to know about what you are outsourcing as you will inevitably need to guide them for some time before the process runs on auto-pilot. You could end up in the predicament of that well known saying … the blind leading the blind.

  • Kenai

    Happy New Year. You are right on. A lot of marketer would like us to think that managing people is easy and you will have more time to work on your business but I have found that it is the exact opposite for me. I have also started to do a lot more of my work myself and found that I get a lot more results.

  • It is funny you should post this at this time. I was in the process of making up my mind about outsourcing. But, I was having a lot of the same things you talked about bothering me. So, I have decided to wait and see how it goes far a little longer before making up my mind.

    BTW, I love your site. The theme is really nice.

    Happy and Successful 2012


    • Colleen

      @Herschel Lawhorn, glad it inspired you or DIDN’T lol. thanks for your comments on the theme, i had it specially created to reflect my personality – i’m very girly lol


  • Hey Colleen,

    Great blog post… Its interesting, in many large businesses there are guidelines about the number of direct reports a person can have. In my experience, anyone with more than 4 or 5 direct reporting staff spends ALL of their time being a manager.

    Unfortunately, we’ve made “middle management” a bad word in western society, but the truth is, they are a tool of leverage that are under used right now.

    Obviously having better systems and automation would improve things as well.

    I’ve had some success with oDesk for getting outsourcers and I get them to do VERY specific tasks. When I was hiring workers directly I found them needy and ineffective no matter how clear I was with my instructions.

    I think the best thing you shared with us is that you reviewed your business and made a decision based on the kind of lifestyle and business you wanted. Not enough people are that thoughtful about their decision making.

    • Colleen

      @Sean, hi there, my experience a while back with odesk wasn’t too pleasant, tasks not getting done, people saying they can do things and can’t or aren’t qualified like they say – sometimes it’s just quicker to do it yoruself LOL



  • Colleen

    @Scooter, I try to keep things simple as much as possible



  • Colleen

    @Bette, thanks for your kind words hon and glad things are working out for you



  • Colleen

    @Juergen, Hi there Juergen, i have searched for your name and email in my support desk but can’t locate anything there. Can you please resubmit to

    thanks heaps


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