Simple Niche Websites That Bring In Passive Income Every Month

Let's face it....we all love money that comes in regularly month after month on autopilot.

Today I've just been surfing around Flippa and found a website that is making $1610.00 per month.

At the moment it is up for auction on flippa with 12 days to go and it has had 17 bids

...The current bid price?

$18,000.00 (imagine seeing an amount like that land in your bank account, from one site).

That's just from $53 a day in earnings...

Here is a screenshot of the site on flippa:

And here are the earnings...

But if you were to think it was income derived from Amazon sales you would be mistaken.

This income is coming from adsense.

My research has continued and I have found another site making $1151/mth with Adsense currently up for auction with 5 bids, currently at $40,000.00 -- with 9 days to go!

Here is a screenshot of the site on flippa:

And here are the earnings...

So if you're wondering if adsense is dead, think again!

Adsense sites are one of the hottest sellers on Flippa -- even in 2014. I remember viewing an auction for a site that sold for $80,000.00!

If you haven't got any adsense sites -- or the ones you have aren't making money - then keep reading.

After all the Google animal updates, Adsense has continued to decline in popularity.

But it shouldn't...

In 2013 Google paid out an astonishing $13,125,000,000.00 to adsense publishers.

The good news is if you start adding some Adsense sites to your marketing mix now a lot of your competition will have been washed away!

The bad news...

...If you go out and build Adsense sites like everyone used to build them, you are going to get crushed by any decent website.

Luckily my friend Kurt Chrisler has came up with a strategy that will completely revolutionize your business and make you re-think Adsense in 2014
AND beyond.

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He has created an army of little adsense sites making from $100 to $400/$500 per month with adsense.

This huge course (together with my bonuses) includes everything you need to get started with Adsense in 2014.

You should have your first site up by the end of the day and start getting traffic and making money in no time.

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It really revolves around 5 simple steps:

Step 1 - Research

Step 2 - Site Set Up In Style

Step 3 - Killer Content

Step 4 - Traffic

Step 5 - Reap Profits, Rinse & Repeat

Remember those figures I showed you at the start of this email....$18,000; $40,000...for sites for auction that have days to go?

Those are the rinse and repeat profits we're talking about here!

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