A Little About Me

Hello there,

My name is Colleen Slater and I live very beautiful Sydney Australia.colleenslatersmallimage

I’m a full time mother and a full time marketer.

I started marketing online in 2005 and worked full time at my day job while working in my spare time online for the first few years.

I put the effort in because I knew, in the long run, I would become financially free and be able to give up the hard grind of catching a train to my day job day in and day out and missing out on being home with my family.

It’s now 2016 and I’m still here….though I went part-time at my day job about 6 years ago and continued to build up my online income so that I could eventually “give up” my day job thanks to my online marketing efforts replacing that income.

I was able to give my old job the flick in 2011 and have been working from home in my PJs ever since.

It’s a wonderful lifestyle that I’m very grateful for and I hope to share with you ways that you can enjoy the same lifestyle.

Have a blissful day.

Love Colleen xxx