50 Do Follow Web 2.0 Sites & A Hard Lesson/s Learned

Hi there everyone and welcome to my latest blog post.

With the start of a new year you always have renewed hope and trust and goals for the next 365 days.  I still hold all those things but unfortunately as the days of the new year progress I’m feeling somewhat hardened at so many people I come across doing the wrong thing by me.

Let’s look at example one.  In August 2010 I was approached by a member of the warrior forum whose services I had used before and who had actually sold me one of her products.  She then contacted me offering to do a video series for the product to sell as an add on for $2000.  While that did seem pricey I knew that it would add extreme value to the original offering and I would get my return back ten fold.

That was of course if I were to receive what I paid for in the first place.  Unfortunately I am a very trusting soul and that being so I am very often taken advantage of – this case in point being but one example.

After many many months of contacting the person I gave the money to I have no product and no $2000.00 and it is of course way beyond the period that I could seek any involvement from Paypal.

A second example is a ghostwriter I paid for an ebook to be created for many months ago.  I paid in full up front and have yet to receive anything.  Believe me, I know as much as anyone that life always intervenes but professionally you’ve just got to do the best you can.

A third example is expecting the completion of an ebook project.  Granted I hadn’t paid for it but it was my understanding it was being done.  Three months later – nope.

A personal example.  This one makes me really mad because it seems to be an ongoing problem in my life.  I rent here in Sydney because it’s just too expensive to buy a house and after having gone through one divorce that left me with nothing I was never able to get back “in” the market.

So renting it is.  Three houses ago I had to take the landlords to the Consumer Tenancy Tribunal for not fixing a roof leak in two parts of the house – I won.  Two houses ago I had to take the owner to the Tribunal for not fixing our oven in six months.  Of course I won that one.  Now i’ve just left the last house, as most of you know, just before Christmas and I can tell you I left it in a better state than when we moved in.  Thankfully we took photos of its state when we moved in.  But of course now that the owner has decided to sell it they decided that $2000 out of our bond had to come up to cover things they decided to do to the house to get a higher asking price ie. new carpet on stairs when there was nothing wrong with the original, new screen doors, fixing a roof leak that was never our problem, repainting the whole house and a complete change of the garden at the back.

I’m beginning to think screw me over is my middle name as far as renting goes.  You always see those stories on current affair shows about nightmare tenants but I’m over having nightmare landlords who charge exorbitant rent, never fix anything, and always expect the place to look like the Taj Mahal when tenants leave when it never looked like it to start with.

So rather than go into any discussion with the agent – oh, did I tell you that they said I hadn’t paid $3000.00 on entry for four weeks bond and two weeks rent in advance so therefore on their case there was no bond owing an I owed them $1400, on top of the $2000 they were now but miraculously found it when I threw the book at them – I just filed an application in the CTTT yet again…..woe is me…..I’m not going to feel sorry for myself but I really am WAY OVER people just not doing the DECENT, RIGHT thing.

Anyway, that’s enough of my rant.  Really the aim of it is to always try and cover you back as much as possible and to unfortunately presume that people won’t do the right thing so ie you need contracts, you need photos and evidence in houses you live etc, and you need to be a bit hard on people you pay to do a job for you ie have written contract, have time frame when things are to be done and if they’re not make sure you apply to paypal in a timely manner so you can get your money back.

‘Nuf said.

Anyway, as a special gift for you today I have the details of 50 web 2.0 sites that are do follow.

http://www.humblevoice.com/    PageRank    4
http://virb.com/    PageRank    6
http://www.dropacar.com/    PageRank    2
http://www.zoji.com/    PageRank    4
http://www.tagged.com/    PageRank    6
buzznet.com    PageRank    6
http://www.purevolume.com    PageRank    6
http://www.pikapet.com/    PageRank    3
http://www.mycatspace.com/    PageRank    4
http://www.tigweb.org/    PageRank    7
http://www.efans.com/    PageRank    4
http://www.wayn.com/    PageRank    5
blogger.com    PageRank    8
http://www.squidoo.com/    PageRank    7
http://www.storylink.com/    PageRank    4
http://cltad.arts.ac.uk/groups/earth/blog/    PageRank    2
http://www.insanejournal.com/    PageRank    5
http://multiply.com    PageRank    7
http://www.tumblr.com    PageRank    8
http://www.zimbio.com/    PageRank    6
http://www.wikidot.com/    PageRank    7
http://www.hpage.com/    PageRank    5
http://newsreleaser.com    PageRank    3
http://www.wikispaces.com/    PageRank    7
http://www.webs.com/    PageRank    7
http://home.onsugar.com/    PageRank    6
http://wallinside.com/    PageRank    4
http://www.mywapblog.com/    PageRank    4
http://www.dailystrength.org/    PageRank    6
http://myanimelist.net    PageRank    5
http://www.quechup.com/    PageRank    4
http:/blog.com/    PageRank    6
https://www.mosaicglobe.com/signup/    PageRank    5
http://pineapster.com/    PageRank    4
http://www.totsites.com/    PageRank    4
newsvine.com    PageRank    7
sixreps.com    PageRank    4
ziki.com    PageRank    5
womenblog.us    PageRank    5
wordpress.com    PageRank    9
http://www.weebly.com    PageRank    8
http://www.terapad.com    PageRank    5
lache-tes.com    PageRank    3
blogspace.fr    PageRank    4
http://blognic.net    PageRank    3
http://soup.io    PageRank    6
http://www.zanibook.com    PageRank    3
http://www.vilago21.com    PageRank    4
http://www.atom.com/    PageRank    7
http://over-blog.com    PageRank    7
http://www.mypypeline.com    PageRank    3
http://www.migente.com    PageRank    5

Have a great week and I’ll be in touch soon




25 comments to 50 Do Follow Web 2.0 Sites & A Hard Lesson/s Learned

  • Mary Greene

    Colleen, I’m so sorry to hear these horror stories. Yes, we can pay less up front, etc., but who could predict getting stiffed by somebody who had done successful work for you previously?

    And that rental situation is outrageous. May you triumph over them all!

    Mary Greene

  • Hi Colleen,

    You are most certainly not alone dear… waaay too many of us have been let down by our belief in the basically good nature of all people, assuming that they have the same morals and ethics as ourselves.

    Alas this is not the case. Through their own experiences with others, they have hardened themselves to only look out for number one, perpetuating the problem.

    Another thing for you to look at is that if it KEEPS happening to you, it might be one of those patterns that indicate The Universe / God / Insert Your Deity Here might be trying to help you learn something… Just a thought. 🙂

    I myself have been hurt pretty bad by having too much faith in others promises. I’ve learned that even though my main goal is to help others, you have to take care of yourself or you will no longer be able to take care of others.

    Internet Marketing is an interesting field because we can leverage so many things (automation, scalability, instant transactions and delivery, statistics, global marketplace, and more…) and yet increasingly I find that to have the most rewarding interactions, there MUST be genuine involvement with others (individuals, not just faceless customers).

    How great is it to know that you have reached out and been the voice of compassion or reason to someone in need?

    Keep the faith!

    ~wickedsam (aka Mr Rent-a-Site)

  • Bill Robertson

    I don’t like Paypal too much anymore.You have to go through so much to get a refund.Now Clickbank is another story.Its easy to get refunds from them.I also hate the wso’s that say they have a great product only to find its not great at all.I am stopping my buying from anyone that i haven’t bought from before.I am like you i have bought too much junk.Looks like you could sue some body for taking your money and not doing what they said they would.

  • peter mcgrath

    hi Colleen
    well thanks for the fifty good websites. I have printed off your blog post I also must agree that you dont expect someone from the warrior forum to rip you off .
    ok i know that people get riped off for small amounts all the time me included or you buy a product and find you have allready got it and its the same material just a new title.
    In fact that happened only recently on Jvzoo when i purchased the same product under two different titles
    .Anyway I love all of sunday I work as a bouncer in local clubs live just noth of London England
    and am usually recoving all day sunday.
    Colleen during the 1980s my family lived in Sydney around Chatswoth North Sydney and My dads buried in Sydney (we came from Christchurch NZ)
    I have great mamories of Sydney But understand that its bloody expensive especially for property.
    I like your blog and the useful emails maybe some type of legal letter through the warrior forum may embarras this
    woman enough to pay back some of your $2000 in the meantime .
    lots of love
    regards peter mcgrath

    • Colleen

      Hey there Pete

      that’s not too far from me at all. yes from the advice I’ve had I pretty much have to grin and bear it at this point but I know I’m not alone



  • Colleen

    @Ally Woodrum, thanks so much Ally.

    I always make sure when I go into battle I’ve got all I need to win so fingered cross.



  • Wendy Owen

    Hi Colleen, thanks so much for the do-follow sites and sorry to hear about your woes. The warrior forum is not always a nice place and some landlords are absolute p$#$%!

    Annerly King

  • Oh Colleen, {{{big hugs}}}

    As somebody else who sometimes seems to have “muggins” tattooed across my forehead I can so empathise 🙂

    I know it can be hard not to let it affect you in a negative way, but I like to think that such behaviour will come back to bite them on the bum at some point, and I’d rather be me than them, if you know what I mean!

    The rental situation is very similar here in the UK too.
    I’m “lucky” now that Im renting from a friend, at least I know she means well even if she can’t afford to have repairs done.
    In fact I’m just trying to get a grand together to lend to her! Hmm, wait a minute… deja vu anyone? 😀

    Keep your chin up & remember we all love you!
    Jillian & John

    • Colleen

      @Jill P, hey there sweets, muggins sounds better than screw me over I must say lol. I hear what you’re saying regarding karma yes. I’m now renting from one of my best friends too so I’m hopeful that nothing like that will happen touch wood lol.

      I had to laugh at your deja vu comment Jill. I just had one of my redundant vas whose girlfirend is pregnant ask me for a loan of $50 till friday to buy high bloody pressure meds as she’s in hospital in the Philippines. I said just this once but I won’t again. Muggins in fluoro on my forehead lol

      lots of love


  • LeeAnn

    BAH! That sucks, same thing happened to me on o desk this year huge run around, I am never paying in full up front again!

    “Success consists of
    going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”.

    “Your most valuable asset can be
    your willingness to persist longer than anyone else.”

    Persistence is a vital success trait to have.

    but I like this quote to get me through the hard times! ..

    • Colleen

      @LeeAnn, hey there lovely LeeAnn with the luscious hair, i’m sorry you went through it too. It’s hard when you’re honest and trustworthy etc, you just expect everyone else to be the same way but sadly it’s not the case

      thanks for your quote hon

      love colleen

  • Steve Lincoln

    Colleen- I really appreciate your generosity with experience and resources.

    Isobel has some good advice.

    You may also have a good idea when you are considering to fully reveal who these lumps are in public forums where it could protect someone else and perhaps embarrass the shirkers sufficiently to deliver. The light of day can dry up a lot of muck. That’s the whole point of real reviews in the WF which name names.

    • Colleen

      @Steve Lincoln, you are so right, and thanks for your appreciation. I’m kind of stuck because it was done outside the warrior forum but they are a warrior member.

      have a great day



  • Evangeline

    Thanks very much for the 50 web site addresses. So sorry to hear about your problems. Hope things take a turn for the better very soon.
    All the best.

  • Phill

    Hi Colleen, know exactly where you are coming from have been ripped off myself more times than I care to remember and people wonder why I have become so hard. I used to live in Sydney myself so also know all about renting and the CTT, so I pulled the pin and moved to rural NSW a little town called Glen Innes on the northern tablelands and brought myself a old style federation house for about a quarter what you would pay in Sydney, been here 8 years now and have never looked back. Maybe you should do the same just a thought. I still run my small internet business with no dramas although I am really scaling that up this year so as to quit the daily grind.
    Okay enough from me thanks for all the great products that you recommend plus your great bonuses I have purchased a few and used them to good effect.
    Thanks for the list of web 2.0 sites I will be putting those to good use also.


    • Colleen

      @Phill, I’ve been to Glen Innes with my old day job. I remember there’s a lovely takeaway and eat in cafe style joint that’s a bit like the fifties – love that era. I was only there a couple of days but it was definitely a lovely quaint little town. My kids are ingrained in sydney at the moment with high school etc and I wouldn’t want to leave. I do love Sydney but maybe one day I could buy a cheap weekender in the Blue Mountains as my spirit is very happy here. thanks for your kind words and have a lovely day out there in rural nsw.



  • Dan Farrell

    Geez my image of Aussies is blown! My image of an Aussie what Crocodile Dundee and now I see it’s not true but you Aussies are like everyone else, fallen nature’s and sinful :o)

  • Donna Johnstone

    Colleen, sounds like you have been through some tough times trusting those people to do the right thing. Learning lessons is part of life but OH that hurts!
    The video and ebook never happening, plus the money invested gone. Do not understand how people like that can continue to show face and do business like nothing ever happen.
    Me, living in Texas where buying a house is a good price and a good deal I had no idea Real Estate was so high in Sydney? You stand on all the evidence you have against those landlords, sounds like they were out to get the best of you, But we both know that will not be so easy. Not fun, to have to fight just to prove you right and them wrong. But you at least knew what they could do from past renting, pictures do tell a story, So you do what needs to be done and keep on covering your back. Some parts of life are not enjoyable and those types will always be lurking around.
    Thanks so much for the 50 sites and all you do for your ‘list’ and co-workers. Keep your Spirit up Good will win over the evil ones, we have His promises to stand-on. Always….
    Your Friend,

  • Colleen

    @Billy McKee, Thanks billy


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