4 Common Internet Marketing Time Wasters – Part One

Time wasters are a bad thing. Okay, they’re a VERY bad thing.

So why do we do them?

Now let me set something straight- I am NOT talking about relaxing. We all have to relax at some point, so don’t consider a little rest and relaxation time as a time waster.

But what I am talking about are things that

•    Don’t help you relax
•    Don’t make you money
•    Don’t improve your relationships with loved ones
•    Don’t improve your health
•    Don’t improve your social status
•    Etc.

See where I’m going with this?

Now I know what you might be thinking- “But Colleen, I don’t do ANYTHING that fits that type of description.”

Oh yeah?

So every single minute of your day is productive doing something good for your life?

I kinda doubt that- and to prove it I want to share a few of the most common time wasters I see all the time.

Time Waster #1: Email

This is- by far- the single time waster most responsible for unproductivity.
How can I say that this amazing thing that has developed over the last 15 years kills productivity?
Well for one thing, it has gotten ridiculous how many emails we send and receive each day. For example if you’re in internet marketing, you may get emails from

•    Clients
•    Other IMers
•    Software companies
•    Employees
•    Etc.

And that’s on top of what you get just from friends and family!

Now obviously you need to stay in communication with these people, right. I’m not saying that you should completely blow off your email, because it’s a great way to stay in touch with your team, family, etc.

What I am saying is to limit how much time you spend on it. Don’t check it 10 or 20 times a day like most people do. Just logging into your email requires a few precious moments that can be used elsewhere.

Plus email is a time waster because you’re likely to take a lot longer to reply to emails. If you know that you only check it once a day for 15 minutes total, you’re going to be VERY brief. In other words, you’ll be handling your time better!

Don’t let your email be a time waster. Manage your email- don’t let your email manage you!

Time Waster #2: Worrying

Do you ever worry about stuff?

Of course you do- we ALL do.

But here’s the thing- worrying doesn’t do anything for you. It doesn’t help you build relationships, make money, anything.

Now I will admit that most of us worry while we are doing other things, right. We don’t usually just sit in a chair and worry about something. Instead we worry about if we’ll meet our income goal this month, or if we’ll pay the bills- all while we’re at work or with our families.

So why is this a time waster if you’re doing something while you worry?

Because multi-tasking does NOT work. Study after study shows that if you focus on just one thing at a time, you’ll do a much better job. By worrying about something while you’re working or with your kids you aren’t going to get the results you want.

Time Waster #3: Social Websites

The internet’s ability to entertain is truly amazing. Sites like Facebook and YouTube can keep us entertained for hours on end, right?
It’s not uncommon for most people to log into these sites “just for a second” and then have an hour fly by before the know it.
This is a HUGE time waster, people. I understand that you’re being entertained- but are you really relaxed? Probably not.
Now if you legitimately can log in just for 5 minutes to watch your favorite inspirational video or something, go for it. Or if that’s how you spend your relaxation time, be my guest.

But just be aware that sites like Facebook and YouTube are some of the most addictive time wasters you’ll ever see. Limit your time on them, or watch other parts of your life suffer the consequences.

Time Waster #4: Television/Video Games/Reading/Entertainment

Maybe I should have lumped these time wasters in with social sites, but I decided not to. Even though these are sources of entertainment just like Facebook and YouTube, they’re a completely different animal.

I say that because when you’re at work, a  lot of workplaces don’t have Facebook or YouTube blocked. This means that these can interfere with your work, right?

But a TV, video games or sitting down with your favorite book are things you do at home. We usually do them to “relax”, but the fact is that too much turns them into a time waster.

What’s too much?

It’s up to you, but generally I think 1-2 hours to relax each night is plenty. If you can combine this with time with your family or friends, then it’s even better.

But a very common trend these days is for someone to come home from school or work, plop down on the couch and watch TV or read all night. This is certainly wasting away your life, because there are so many other things you can be doing with your time!

Again, don’t get me wrong- I like these things too. But don’t let these time wasters take up your whole life!


Some of these you may agree with, some you may not. That’s fine.

Either way, I guarantee that you’ll benefit from my next post coming shortly. You might even want to subscribe to my RSS feed so you don’t miss what I have for you!

I’m going to show you some of my very own personal time management strategies. These are methods I’ve used to increase my productivity over 100% in my business and personal life… And it only took me a week to implement them!

I look forward to seeing you on Friday- but until then, cut back on those time wasters!

By the way, let me know one of your worst time wasters by adding your comments below.

31 comments to 4 Common Internet Marketing Time Wasters – Part One

  • Well said. I especially agree the “worrying” part. Human are prone to have the nature of worrying. However, it does not solve problem but keep our morale and energy down.

    The best way is to do it and stop worrying.


  • Ben

    Can definitely relate to those distractions Colleen, the fact that I have the Gmail button on the Chrome toolbar doesn’t help me either. Though I have managed to get rid of the Facebook one..

    It’s amazing how much work you can get done if you just close down all the windows you don’t need. Often you can get more work done in 1 hour of solid focus than if you were just to bum around all day for 10 + hours.

    • Colleen


      That’s absolutely right Ben. I should add Skype in there too. I really need to close that more often or I’ll just get interruptions all day and lacking focus.


  • Colleen Redman

    Hi Colleen,

    Since when is reading a waste of time? As for email, that takes the cake for wasting time, if you open them.
    Enjoyed your article, thanks.

    • Colleen

      @Colleen Redman,

      Hi there Colleen it’s all about moderation, I love reading, prefer it to watching tv most days, but everything in moderation — especially if you KNOW you should be doing other things.


  • Hi Colleen
    I so agree about email, if you stay in your email you will never get anything done! I start with 1 hr email and planning then close email and go do some work for 2 hrs. Else if i have a big bad task that must be done, i just don’t open email at all and get the task done first.
    TV is fully a waste of time to, watching before bed just rams electrons and stimulation down your throat …

  • Andrew

    Hi Colleen, great post! I absolutely agree with you about email, especially if you’re in IM. Its like I’m addicted to subscribing to people’s lists and reading every email, afraid that I might miss that golden opportunity or something… I know, its sad!! If I could just click that “unsubscribe” link, I would have an extra couple of hours each day…

  • Pasi

    Hi Aussie Marketer,

    You are so right about every point of there.
    Have to be little philosophical here;
    What is most precious what we people own? Is it our house,
    big fat bank account, land…? NO, its our own TIME!
    How we use it, how we spend it and whit who we share it.
    We never, ever get one single second back of it!

  • Great points here, Colleen. When I started online in 2006 I turned off my television set and stopped reading fiction books. This made me much more productive and my success came earlier than I expected. Hard work, with focus and intent, leads to a lifestyle many can only imagine.

    Connie Ragen Green

  • Raymond Bowley

    Hi Coleeen Wif and Mother,
    I agree with your observations entirely , I have spent 9 months and nearly an average of 7 hours a day Clawing way through all the internet BS , Its been rather like panning for Gold, so crap and scams I could write a book on internet scams sad thing is that most of them dont realise or understand their own markets most are only out to earn a fast buck and give as little value for $47 to $97. And the upsells once you have opted into that so called complete package are just unbelievable. In fact over the last few months I have asked and had refunds for over 30 information Eproducts the so called how to make money on the internet, The only seemingly genuine Training that I have had so far is from CWS but even they say you will get a complete package., and when you opt in they then say you need this upgrade, which basicaly the complete pacakge that youve just opted into is not so complete. So af far as time wasters are concerned. Offers that are not genuine as claimed should be banned by playforms like clickbank and all the affiliate marketers sholud start being better policed the sooner this happens the better the internets reputation will become. Anyway I am looking forward to you solution to these time wasters. Please let me know when you Publish them..

  • Got to agree with you 90% Colleen. But a caveat. TV can sometimes give you good ideas on an untapped market or trend as also with newspaper ads! I don’t watch TV at all really but just my 2pence (Not cents) as I am in the UK! Thanks for the heads up though! Great stuff!

    • Colleen


      Oh definitely, we all need a break, it’s just monitoring the extent of it I guess.

      I’m hooked on the renovators show at the moment in sydney with my daughter, one hour a night.



  • Leonard Aberts

    Very well done article.

    One thing I have been doing to battle the ’email overload’ is to un-subscribe from emails that don’t have any value I.E. just want to sell you the latest and greatest with no content. (I do keep yours obviously! 😉 )

    I also run through and delete any that don’t seem important or interesting. This usually eliminates more than half of them pretty quickly.

    Look forward to your next installment!

  • Colleen


    I hear you Jim


  • Colleen

    @Bill Urell,

    great tip bill, thanks for sharing as always.



  • Colleen

    @eric milgate,

    Fair point there Eric, unless they’re really good and not too long.




    Great post, wasting time was killing my business, so i took action and stopped reading all those time sucking, useless emails, i started getting more done, saw my money increase and my sites rankings go to page one of google,
    LOVE colleens stuff,
    Good, simple advice that anybody can follow.

  • Bill

    Have to agree – especially in regard to email and worrying. Been unsubscribing from lots of ‘newsletters’ lately that have become nothing more than a pitch for something new (you’re still on my ‘keep’ list). As for worrying – it’s not so much the worry as the destructive influence it has on relationships. So my new year’s resolution is ‘No more worrying’ – and today is as good as any to start a new year.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  • Larry

    I have a question reguarding the financial troubles of the world and web marketing and knowing there are a lot of pepole who could benefit from what you teach but, starting out might not have much money to put into this.

    How would you advise them is there a way to start really cheap with wordpress and then when sales start happening, re-invest in your bussiness by going more with the bussiness model shown in your amazon treasure chest program.

    If there is a time when a person needs to start out quickly and cheaply it might be now, with unemployment and the ability to find jobs, your system could help a lot of pepole out but some of the things in your program especialy the blog service and some of the things you recommend may be too costly for some when just starting especialy now.

    I don’t know about Australia but here in the US many pepole are looking for a way to make ends come together and even replace jobs that were lost, e-bussiness could fill that void, but when you are living on savings or there isn’t much money to get somthing like this going how would you advise someone to go forward.

    thanks for your time

    • Colleen


      hi there larry, unemployment is always an issue as is creating additional part time income, start promoting products that teach it, either mine, or some other quality ones, if you have tried them yourself that will be good for your reputation, people love case studies, and everyone just has to start small – no-one gets to $10k or $20k per month instantly, it’s a daily/weekly/monthly persistent consistent thing



  • Larry

    i guess what I am asking is if you would consider designing a system that gets you started with minimal costs, it is one thing to be cheap and it is another thing to be strapped and not have the money to go forward. looking at your system I think the strapped would like to do it, but could you get them over the hump untill they could afford to go with the fier-pow thing. Is there a way to get started and keep it going for under 50 dollars a month, is that a reaonable minimum requirement with hosting and domain services being cheap and any other bare necessities needed to get rolling and start the money comming in so you can re-invest back into the bussiness and use easier ways of doing things. I wanted to write this clarification just in case you didn’t understand what I was asking above.


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