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1 cent hosting?  REALLY??  If you believe hosting shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg you’re so right.

I’ve discovered a super sweet deal where you can get your first month of hosting for just 1 cent.  1 cent hosting is pretty unheard of in the industry and I want you to be the first to know about it.

I’d like to share with you why Hostgator is my preferred hosting as an internet marketer (right now I have three Hostgator accounts).

If you have done any research into looking at the best companies, undoubtedly you have stumbled across HostGator’s name.

The question is, does it live up to all of the hype? Or could it be that it has several raving fans but most people have a bad experience? To help answer that question, we’re going to look at three main aspects of HostGator’s program.

The first thing to look at is their customer support.  One of the features I love best is their 24 hour live chat facility.  Any time you have a question about anything you can talk live to a Hostgator rep straight away (and I can say from experience that their support staff are super efficient and friendly — and also VERY patient).

They’re great at explaining everything step by step and breaking it down very well.  This is especially great if you are not experienced with building websites and are new to hosting.

Next, let’s look at reliability.

To many webmasters, reliability is the most important factor by far. They may not mind having poor customer service or paying high pricing if they are getting the most reliable servers on the market.

HostGator’s reliability is very, very high. Some customers claim that after several years of using their services their websites have only been down for several minutes. In other words, no matter what type of power outages, construction, or renovations may have been done to HostGator’s facilities, they still managed to have an extremely high uptime. This is very important for any business that relies on their website as a source of revenue.

Another reason why HostGator receives high ratings and reliability is because their servers are very fast. Even websites that are getting thousands of visitors every day do not experience slow load times as they are hosted with HostGator. In fact, fast load times have been linked to search engine optimization and ranking high in Google. Some website owners claim that when they switched their hosting from another company to HostGator, their website’s ranking in Google shot up almost immediately.
The numerous awards that HostGator has earned over the years also speaks highly of its reputation.

Overall, it seems like webmasters cannot go wrong with HostGator.  I stand by them 100 percent.

All you need to do is click on the image above or below and when signing up put 1CENT in the special coupon box and that’s it.  Your first month’s hosting is an incredible 1 cent but that’s not all…..  As a special exclusive bonus once you sign up for your 1 cent hosting put in a support ticket at http://www.colleenshelpdesk.com with your receipt and I’ll also send you some very valuable hostgator user guides so you learn everything you need to know about using your new hosting account without any further delay.

Colleen’s 1 Cent Hosting Bonus 1:

Firstly, when you click on the link below and insert 1CENT in the coupon box you’ll get a full month of Hostgator’s fantastic service for just 1 cent (that’s an awesome deal and the monthly cost for HG hosting is practically one of the cheapest around).

Colleen’s 1 Cent Hosting Bonus 2:

Once you forward me your sign up receipt to colleenshelpdesk.com I’ll then send you four Hostgator User Guides.


Firstly, the dashboard will be fully explained to you with screenshots.

Secondly, you’ll learn how to quickly and easily set up your email accounts.

Thirdly, you’ll learn how to quickly and easily add a domain into your HG account.

Fourthly, you’ll learn how to manage your files and view your stats quickly.


This guide goes through the different hosting plans offered by Hostgator and what you should do if you are wanting to upgrade your plan.  There are some major changes to your existing hosting depending on what upgrade you choose so it’s important to know what is expected of you.


If you’re not familiar with building websites you can still have a professional site built in just a short time using Sitebuilder, HostGator’s built-in website building software. There are thousands of pre-built templates to choose from and you can edit each one to your liking.

The software walks you through it step-by-step and this eight page tutorial includes screenshots for getting started with it asap.


Now that you’ve got your hosting sorted out it’s time to set up your website.

I’ve got some awesome checklists which will help you every step of the way.  They include:

Choosing A Domain Name Checklist

Email Marketing Checklist

Target Market Research Checklist

Website Traffic Checklist

What to Include In Your Website Checklist

All you need to do is take full advantage of my 1 cent hosting offer on this page, remembering to put 1CENT in the coupon box, forward me your receipt to colleenshelpdesk.com and I’ll send you your EXCLUSIVE Hostgator bonuses ASAP.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.  In my experience their live chat support is second to none, and I can’t recommend enough this 1 cent hosting offer.

Love Colleen


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